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January 7, 2015

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Gap Medics students ready for surgery!As a premed student or a new medical student, the projected job potential of different medical specialities may be the last thing on your mind. It may seem like something to think about sometime in the far future. However the truth is it is important to have a general idea of the job potential of the specialities you are interested in as that could play a key role in your decision.  Some specialities have a greater outlook than others and jobs in these sectors are growing more rapidly than in other sectors. Keeping abreast of the trends can help you zero in on a speciality that you are interested in, which also allows higher scope for personal growth and earning potential as compared to others.

The following specialities are a few that have been projected to have faster growth rates than others.

Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians

The baby boomer population is ageing fast and they often expect the best care even if it means spending a lot for it. This has led to the decline of volunteers for emergency services and the hiring of full-time skilled paramedics and EMTs. The outlook in the field is extremely promising with the increasing demand of skilled emergency medical professional.

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Registered Nurses

Given the high median age of the current registered nurse population and their imminent retirement over the next few years, there will be a high demand for newly certified registered nurses. This trend is all set to keep growing for several years with a greater demand for RNs who are specialised in certain fields.

Home Health Aides

More and more people today are opting to be looked after in the comfort of their own homes instead of being taken care of in a nursing home or hospital. These people may suffer from chronic illnesses that restrict their mobility or may just need to be taken care of in their old age. Home health aides are professionals that specialise in caring for patients at home. This career is a very fast growing one and is expected to grow even faster in the coming years.

Surgical Technologists

With the advanced technology being increasingly used in surgical procedures, skilled surgical technologists have a fantastic job outlook as they have begun to play a key role in surgical centres and hospitals everywhere.

Dental Assistants

There is a continuous need for dental assistants in dental clinics to replace assistants who may have retired or transferred to other occupations or when dentists decide to expand their practice.

Marketing, Promotions, Sales and Advertising Roles In The Healthcare Field

With the opening up of global markets, competition is increasing in all sectors including the healthcare sector. The increased competition makes it doubly important for all kinds of products and services to be promoted and advertised properly in order to stay ahead. Those who have a background in medicine will have a distinct advantage over non-medical applicants for these positions.

Medical Scientists

For those who are not interested in practising medicine directly, the educational field offers great potential. In addition to teaching, medical scientists can study further to get their doctoral degrees and then work in various sectors of research. Researchers and scientists are in high demand in all kinds of institutions, right from medical schools to pharmaceutical companies. They are very highly paid too.



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