There’s Nothing Boring About Being A GP!

January 8, 2015

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General Practitioners have quite undeservedly earned a reputation as ‘boring’ and this is possibly because GPs are not associated with some of the more challenging and exciting specialties. Well, dramatic or high profile it may not be, but becoming a GP actually gives you a plenty of exposure in various fields of medicine and it has its own distinct advantages.

Take a look at what a career as a GP actually offers:

You Can Choose Different Streams To Work In

As a GP you need to have sufficient knowledge in multiple medical streams so that you would be capable of diagnosing several different conditions and know what treatment to recommend to your patients. This means that all your medical school information will be put to good use as you stay updated with a number of specialties instead of focusing on only one specialty. This allows you to explore various sub-specialities and gives you the freedom to provide your patients with the best treatment possible.

Students in their Gap Medics scrubs You Will Enjoy A Special Doctor-Patient Relationship

If you like the personalised experience of getting to know your patients, becoming a GP is the best way to get to know them. Unlike other specialties where you never hear back from your patients once the treatment is completed, GPs become very close to their patients. In fact, not only will you get to know the patient but you will in all likelihood get to know the whole family too.

You Will Be There Through The Bad And The Good

GPs are the kinds of doctor who don’t only meet patients when they are going through a bad time. Lots of people meet their GPs for regular check-ups and even when there is a good occasion, like pregnancy or before a family holiday. GPs are also visited for preventive measures and not only after illness or problems have occurred. It’s put you in a rare position where you actually meet healthy, happy patients too.

You Enjoy Several Opportunities To Travel

If someone told you that you could travel around the world and earn money for it, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity? GPs have the option to work on board cruise ships, airlines or take part in Doctors without Borders schemes. Even within the UK, a GP has a wider range of opportunities to choose from.

You Can Set your Own Timings

Even though GPs may need to go and visit patients during certain times of emergency, on the whole, you can set your own practicing hours. This is great if you want to lead a life outside medicine as well. Being a GP allows you to enjoy a world outside a hospital or clinic and those who want to start a family or have other responsibilities will find it easier to manage in this specialty rather than any other specialty that may be more demanding.