Nail Your Medical Residency Program Interview With These Tips

January 9, 2015

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Applying for your medical residency can be challenging as you find yourself in the hot seat once again, skimming through questions that are critical to the next phases of your education. It is a pivotal point in your career and can be a make or break situation as your chances of acceptance hinge on how this interview progresses.  Giving the right answers and making the right impression is what topping this interview is all about.

There are some things that you should be paying attention to:

A Gap Medics students hadowing ward rounds with their personal mentor.jpg Before the interview: Do your homework well  

When you are asked by the interviewer why you would like to attend their program, the answer you give them will say a lot about how genuinely interested you are in doing your residency program with their establishment. No interviewer will be impressed if you say something like – “I think your program is very reputed”. Interviewers are adept at determining whether your interest is genuine or not. 

Spending time doing some research on the program will put you in a better position to express you sincere interest in that particular program. Before you go in for the interview, read up and get all the information you can about the institution, the curriculum and all other relevant details.

During the interview: Make a lasting impression

When you go for your medical residency interview, it is important to present yourself like the successful professional you eventually want to be. For this you need to pay attention to detail. The impression you make on the interviewers depends on several small details.

These are a few things you will want to pay heed to:

Medical residency programs attract applicants in droves. In comparison, the spots are very few and making an impression is your best chance of being one of the select few who eventually get selected for that program. Throughout the interview, aim to be honest and straightforward. Avoid being too modest or too arrogant. Be confident about your strengths, admit to your weaknesses and also show your ability to make changes that matter. Call on life experiences and put forth your accomplishments in a very objective manner. There might be times during the interview when you stumble. It’s all right – just compose yourself and forge ahead and know that this is the time to impress and shine.  

After the interview: Express your gratitude

After the interview, send the interviewer a thank you note acknowledging the time they spent interviewing you and expressing your gratitude for the opportunity. This little extra touch can go a long way in keeping you in the mind of those who matter.