Nontraditional Nurse Practitioner jobs

February 4, 2015

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Nurse practitioners often work in doctor’s offices and hospitals providing direct patient care. But if you are looking to take the road less traveled, there are also nontraditional or unique nurse practitioner jobs, which may spark your interest, such as those listed below.


Cruise Ship Nurse

When you think of nursing, you may not think of spending your days on a cruise ship. But ships need medical personnel, such as nurse practitioners, to treat patients if medical illnesses develop. While it may seem like a dream job, you will be required to work, and the same conditions that occur on land can occur at sea.

As a cruise ship nurse practitioner, you may work alone or with little support. In some cases, there may be a ship’s doctor or another nurse, but you will not have a lot of assistance if things get busy. Although they are rare, outbreaks of illnesses and serious medical emergencies do occur, which you must be prepared to deal with. 

It is probably not surprising that it can be very competitive to get a job as a cruise ship nurse practitioner. Having experience working in the emergency room or critical care units is helpful. Cruise ship nurse practitioners are usually required to be certified in advanced cardiac life support. Nurses who are hired to work on cruise ships may have to commit to a certain number of months once they accept the job.

Expert Witness

If you are interested in doing something different, you may want to go from the hospital room to the court room. Nurse practitioners are sometimes hired as expert witnesses to testify in court cases. Expert witness nurses do not provide their opinions about innocence or guilt. Instead, they provide their opinion regarding the standard of nursing care related to a case.

Although, in some cases, legal nurse consultants may work full-time reviewing cases, most expert witness nursing jobs are usually not full-time. Various private companies, as well as law firms, hire nurse practitioners as expert witnesses. Except when they are in court, nurse expert witnesses may often work flexible hours and do much of the work from home.


As technology continues to evolve, so does the medical profession. Telenurses monitor patients, give advice and triage conditions remotely. Although not all aspects of telenursing are new, advances in technology have created more opportunities for the field to expand.

Telenurses may monitor and communicate with patients over the phone or through the internet. They may review relevant diagnostic tests and medical histories obtained from electronic medical records.

The role of a telenurse may vary. In some cases, telenurses provide advice to patients directing them to the appropriate level of care. For instance, a patient may speak to a telenurse and discuss symptoms they are having. After getting the needed information, a telenurse may direct the patient to go to the nearest emergency room.

Nurse practitioners who are interested in working in telenursing may find employment in hospitals, doctor’s offices and private companies. Some telenurses may also work from home.