Non-Traditional Career Options For Advanced Nurses

February 9, 2015

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On placement in Africa Over the last few years, the demand for nurses has increased tremendously and that trend looks all set to continue for the foreseeable future. Along with the growing demand, the nursing profession is also becoming more specialised with several new nursing specialties being established. What’s more, nurses are no longer restricted to working in hospitals, private clinics or any other settings focused exclusively on healthcare. Advanced nurses in particular have numerous options to choose from, many of them in non-traditional settings.

Here are few non-traditional career options that are available for advanced nurses.

Life Coach

Life coaches have become very popular due to the huge spurt in the popularity of healthy living. These professionals interact with patients and give them guidance and advice on making healthy lifestyle changes to stay fit, lose weight and stay healthy overall. Nurses who have had a lot of experience in situations dealing with life and death make excellent life coaches as it allows them to convert these experiences into critical life lessons. Life coaches should have good communication skills, love interacting with people regularly and want to make a difference in people’s lives.

Day Care Provider

If you are interested in starting a day care centre for children or adults, your nursing degree will hold you at a huge advantage. Since you are a trained nurse, parents will often feel a lot safer leaving their children in your care rather than leaving them with someone who has no experience in emergency situations. This higher demand from parents will also give you the opportunity to charge higher than other day care centres. Your nursing training will also help you practically in situations where a child may need emergency treatment before a doctor or ambulance arrives on the scene. Your nursing experience will also make it easier for you to hire and train staff to help you run the centre more efficiently.

Students listening attentively to their mentor

Insurance Nurse

Insurance companies are often on the lookout for experienced nurses to help them with medical related cases. As an insurance nurse, you will deal with all kinds of insurance claims and you will often have to help translate medical jargon to simple language that can be understood by the insurance companies and their clients. This job is desk-related and there may be a lot of paperwork involved. It is an ideal job for a nurse who prefers to work fixed timings or for someone who does not like direct interaction with patients. This is not for you if you prefer patient interaction and do not like sitting behind a desk or getting involved with paperwork.

Patient Advocate

A patient advocate is a nurse who helps patients make medical decisions. When a patient is suffering from a problem and is presented with multiple decisions, nurse advocates educate them and explain to them all the possible options to them along with the pros and cons of each. Since nurses are familiar with most medical procedures and they have a lot of experience in different fields, this makes them the perfect candidate for this position. Nurse advocates work in a variety of medical settings, from hospitals to doctors’ clinics and other treatment centres.