Don’t Make These Mistakes In Your Nursing Career

March 4, 2015

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Students in emergency medicine While the nursing profession offers several challenges, it also offers a wealth of numerous opportunities for advancements for nurses who are dedicated, efficient, knowledgeable and honest. The only way to make the most of all opportunities that come your way is to perform at your best at all times. This means making note of some mistakes that you absolutely should avoid. Any of the below violations will eventually follow you and can do irreparable damage to an otherwise promising career.




Unlike typical desk jobs, nurses deal with people’s lives on a daily basis. This means that they have to be alert all the time. Mistakes cannot be made in this field. You have to be at your most efficient best every moment that you are on duty. Nurses that are dependable and can be relied on by their employers will thrive in the field. Those who get lazy or are off their game will definitely get noticed too but for all the wrong reasons. And once a nurse has a black mark or adverse comment on their record, it can be exceedingly difficult to find another job. Employee histories are crucial in this field and a bad employee history can end your career.

Incompetency is hands down the most serious infarction in a nurse’s career. It is a considered a grievous offence in a medical institution and goes completely against everything that the nursing community stands for. Incompetent nurses undermine the profession and put patients and staff at unnecessary risk. Once you’ve gotten a reputation for being incompetent, getting a job will be almost impossible.

Team work and colleague support are the mainstays of this profession. Negativity and mean dispositions can corrode the work environment and lead to shoddy patient care. No matter how much pressure you may be under, a negative attitude is extremely counterproductive in any work environment and more so in nursing.

Nurses need to be team players and work together for the betterment of patients and the entire hospital. Isolation from all the other nurses will lead to a loss of a support system. In this field, where it is necessary to stick together and support each other emotionally, isolation can be very hard to deal with and can even lead to depression.

The day to day life of a nurse can be very difficult and challenging and it can often be tempting to shirk your responsibilities and just blame somebody else for a job not done. While it may work once or even twice, you will find it difficult to get any support from your colleagues when you need it most.