Personal Issues That May Hamper Your Employment Potential In The Healthcare Sector

June 12, 2015

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Student in scrubs outside the hospital. Graduating from medical school and acquiring the proper certifications and licenses are the basic requirements for getting employed in any healthcare establishment. However, educational qualifications and professional certifications are not the only criteria that hospitals will consider when evaluating prospective employees. There are other factors that will be looked into and which could be possible hot-spots when it comes to getting hired.

Criminal Record

Healthcare establishments always conduct background checks before they hire any staff. Healthcare employees are held to a very high standard. While many non-healthcare companies may overlook a misdemeanour charge, don’t expect the same in the healthcare industry. If you are going to be entrusted with people’s lives, your employers will want to be 100% sure that you can be trusted. If you do have a criminal history and you are asked about it during your interview, you should know that you won’t get away with lying about. Your lies will eventually catch up with you and you will lose your job and maybe even your license. Better to be upfront and take your chances. Convince your interviewers that that was in the past and you are a different person now.


More and more hospitals today are strict about enforcing the no smoking policy within their premises and this includes their employees. As a healthcare employee you are supposed to be promoting healthy habits and this can be difficult to do if you are a smoker yourself. While a few hospitals may still take a slightly lenient stance and allow smoking amongst the staff in specially designated areas, an increasing number of hospitals are banning it altogether, which means if you are a smoker you may find that it is almost impossible to get a job in a healthcare sector.

Personal Appearance

It may seem unfair and even biased but a number of hospitals are reluctant to hire individuals who are either careless about their personal appearance or on the other hand, overdo it with piercings, tattoos and other body decor. The authorities may not admit it openly for fear of the backlash but it is there. They may provide you with different reasons as to why you did not get the job but your personal appearance will play a huge role in their assessment. Are they justified in doing this? That may be debatable but there are several issues at hand here. Consider this – would you be comfortable with entrusting the care of your loved one to a doctor who looks like they’ve just gotten out of bed or someone who spends far too much time at the tattoo parlour? Hospitals want to gain the confidence of their patients and the only way to do this is to ensure that their employees exude an air of professionalism.

A Negative Image Online

Social media has become a huge criterion for hiring over the past few years. If you are very outspoken and negative on your social media account, this may be bad for your chances of getting a job at a healthcare sector. Hospitals often have very strict privacy issues and they do not want to take the risk of an employee airing negative views online since it could risk the reputation of the entire hospital. Using social media positively has the opposite effect and could do much to increase your chances of getting employed.

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