Five skills demonstrated through fundraising

November 2, 2015

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Not only can fundraising help you get to your dream travel destination, the process itself can provide you with valuable skills and experience. Don’t underestimate their importance – remember to mention your fundraising activities in your university applications and interviews. Here are some ideas about what to highlight:  

Hard work and determination

Studying for any qualification takes a lot of hard work. Leave no doubt that you’re ready for the challenge by emphasising the amount of effort and determination that went into your fundraising campaign.


The key to effective fundraising is effective communication. Your ability to tell your story – what you’re raising money for, why you want to go, how you’ll use the experience – is what convinced people to donate. Communication is a vital skill in most workplaces because it enables great teamwork and fosters good interpersonal relationships.

Ability to motivate others

Mobilising others to assist in your fundraising efforts is a great way to display team leadership skills. If you organised a bake sale, party or other group event in aid of your campaign, chances are you worked with others in the process.

Research and self-motivated study

A lot of research goes into travelling; from deciding on the best programme, location and time of travel, to researching local culture and language, to selecting the most appropriate clothing for your trip. The same goes for your fundraising efforts – highlight how you researched the best digital tools to aid in your campaign, and carefully considered different fundraising activities before deciding which would work best for you. Don’t forget to mention any bursaries you applied for.


Being organised and strategic is vital to the success of any fundraising campaign. Linking up digital tools (like FundMyTravel, Twitter and Facebook) with offline activities (like sponsored runs, bake sales, parties) and keeping track of donations and timescales, is challenging as well as exciting. Make a point of how you approached the project strategically.

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