What makes a perfect nursing school candidate?

February 29, 2016

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Getting into nursing school can be a competitive business. How competitive depends on where you live and how many schools are in your area. Having a strong academic performance and some relevant work experience is great. But schools are also looking for a variety of traits and skills.

Your application, essay, and interview are all opportunities to show the school that you’re an ideal candidate for their nursing program. Consider some of the qualities listed below.


Patients are often cared for by a team of medical professionals. From doctors to technicians to social workers, there is a variety of people also treating your patients. Nurses need to work efficiently and effectively with other healthcare workers. It’s important that nursing students can develop the teamwork skills they need in the future.

Leadership skills

Nurses also need to be leaders. Nursing programs are looking for students who can take charge of a situation and handle it competently. In many cases, along with the doctor, nurses are coordinating the care of their patients. Even if a nurse is not in a supervisory role, they still need to have the ability to lead.

Competency in science classes

Science classes in nursing school can be tough. Schools are looking for students who appear to have what it takes to get through nursing school, pass their boards and work effectively as a nurse. Competency in classes, such as chemistry, biology and anatomy shows you have a good science foundation.

Passion for the profession

Nursing is not an easy career choice. There are a lot of challenges and difficult situations to deal with. It helps to have a strong desire to do the job. Nursing candidates who show they have a passion for nursing will likely increase their chances of getting accepted into nursing school.


Flexibility is another strong quality nursing schools look for. Nurses may need to work in different areas, handle unexpected situations and sometimes just go with the flow. Being someone who can change course easily is a good trait for nursing candidates.

Solid communication skills

Nursing is one profession, which requires the ability to communicate well with a large variety of people. Nurses must communicate with patients, family members and staff. They will be talking with people from different cultures and with different educational background. Solid communication skills will help a nurse perform their job well.

Emotional intelligence

When you think of intelligence, your grades and test scores may come to mind. But there is another type of smarts known as emotional intelligence, which is equally important. Emotional intelligence is the ability to read situations and understand how to react appropriately. Nurses will deal with all types of situations including distressed patients, life and death emergencies and tragedies. Understanding how to react to a particular incident is essential for nurses.

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