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June 10, 2016

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Most people go to medical school and pursue a career in clinical medicine. Clinical medicine involves patient care, such as becoming a family practitioner, emergency medicine doctor or a pediatrician. But working in clinical medicine after graduating from med school is not the only path.

Some students find for either professional or personal reasons a career in clinical medicine is not the right fit. In other instances, after working in the field for a bit, some doctors decide to try something different. Fortunately, med school grads have options beyond clinical medicine.

Clinical Informatics

Clinical informatics is where medicine meets technology. Clinical and medical informatics are the development, analysis and implementation of IT-based interventions in a healthcare setting. Med school grads use their knowledge of medicine and clinical experience to develop various types of software and applications used in hospitals and other health care facilities. For instance, doctors working in clinical informatics may develop software that transmits ventilator settings from the respirator to a computer system. Med school grads with a computer science background will have the advantage when it comes to working in clinical informatics.

Medical Writing

Medical writing is a great option for those who are want to use their medical education but want to do something other than providing direct patient care. There are several opportunities for medical writers, especially for those who graduated from med school. Graduating from medical school does not only provide you with the medical background to understand complex information, but it also gives credibility to you as a writer. Medical writers are needed to provide regulatory writing for clinical trials, copy for pharmaceutical companies and lessons for continuing education material. Some medical writers also write medical articles for consumer health websites and magazines.

Pharmaceutical Research

Another alternative career path for med school grads is working in pharmaceutical research. Med school grads are needed to conduct clinical trials on medication and market products. Jobs are available at private pharmaceutical companies, as well as federal agencies.

Healthcare Consultants

When it comes to the world of consulting, the field is wide open for med school grads. Various types of companies, agencies and organizations may hire healthcare consultant. As a consultant, you might help a company design better healthcare products or market a medication. Healthcare consults also develop strategies to improve healthcare organizations, such as hospitals and nursing homes. Some grads may work with insurance companies and law firms providing expert witness testimony.

Public Health Specialist  

Med school grads may also find employment working in public health organizations. City, state and federal government agencies need doctors to conduct research and develop public health policies and programs that improve the health for a specific population or the community in general. For example, public health specialists may work on laws or policies that deal with health care financing, drug abuse laws or disease prevention.

The great thing about these roles is not simply that they are varied and exciting, but also that they will require similar qualifications and background, so you needn’t make a decision early on in your career. A solid grounding in medicine will open up hundreds of doors for you – make sure you get that first foot in the door by completing one of our medical shadowing programs.

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