How much does a general practitioner earn in Australia?

June 22, 2016

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General Practioner

A general practitioner or GP is a medical doctor who diagnoses and treats a wide range of medical conditions and provides routine health care such as physical examinations and immunizations. Also called generalists, a GP’s duties are not confined to any specific organ of the body. They have diverse knowledge and skills that qualify them to treat patients with multiple health issues.

These physicians are usually the first point of contact for patients who are seeking advice and medical care for symptoms that are common across several different conditions, especially during the early stage of development. Depending on the results of the initial diagnosis and assessment, the GP may go ahead with the treatment or refer the patient to a specialist for further treatment.
General Practitioners provide ongoing medical care to male as well as female patients across all ages, from toddlers and children to adults and geriatrics. They may work in hospitals, clinics and private offices and are usually assisted by a small staff of nurses and administrators.

GP Salary in Australia

The earning potential of a General Practitioner in Australia can vary widely depending on a several different factors. An experienced GP can expect to earn an annual average income that ranges between $200,000 and $300,000. This could go up to about $400,000 with overtime. These are approximate figures.

The exact amount that any GP actually earns will depend on these factors:

While the salary range can vary widely, if you are considering a career as a general practitioner, you may be happy to know that GPs in Australia in general earn a higher salary than their counterparts in many other parts of the world including Canada, Germany and France.

Should you consider becoming a GP in Australia?

Working as a general practitioner is a great fit for anyone who cherishes the idea of being a ‘family doctor’. In this role you will treat the same patients for years on end and in most cases you will also treat their family and will get to know them all on a first name basis.

Sociable, flexible working hours, more part-time options and the non-emergent nature of the job are some of the other appealing features of this specialty. For anyone who loves living and working in Australia’s many remote and rural regions, working as a general practitioner is a great choice as there is a pressing need for qualified GPs in these areas.

Not sure if you would be a good fit for this specialty? Consider shadowing your family doctor or signing up for a medical placement where you can work alongside general practitioners from different parts of the world. These experiences will give you great insight into this career and help you make a more informed decision.



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