What skills does it take to become a good dentist

November 18, 2016

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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It goes without saying that becoming a dentist requires you to have impressive medical knowledge and the motivation to excel throughout your years of training. But that’s not all – there are lots of other skills that make up the perfect dental practitioner. Here are just a few.

A solid work ethic

Dentists do not stop learning when they qualify – the field of medicine is constantly evolving and advances are being made year upon year. If you want to deliver the best and most valuable care you need to want to learn throughout your entire career.

Hand-eye coordination

The mouth is an extremely small space, and so a little artistry goes into every dental procedure you carry out. Dentists must be extremely well-coordinated and be able to work to a very high level of detail.

Problem solving

As with many other medical procedures, there is rarely one way to do something. A good dentist must be able to problem-solve effectively, picking the best course of treatment for a patient based not only on medical expertise but factors such as price and time as well as the age and dental history of the patient.

People skills

Many people dislike seeing their dentist, and it will be your job to put them at ease no matter whether they need a simple checkup or an extraction. To do this successfully you need fantastic people skills as well as a good ability to explain patients’ procedures to them in simplified terms.


Last but not least, many dentists benefit from having an entrepreneurial streak! This is because lots of them own or co-own a private practice, so it can really pay to have an interest in business or – at the very least – the self-motivation to strike out on your own.