How to become a nurse in five simple steps

December 14, 2016

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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As a budding nurse, you’ll be aware that you need to get enrolled on a good adult nursing degree. But how do you get that all-important offer? Here’s our quick-fire guide on how to become a nurse.

Step 1: Choose your A levels wisely

You may not be totally sure what you want to do for your career when it comes to choosing your AlLevels, but if you think nursing, midwifery or medicine might be a good fit for you, it pays to think about what subjects you take in sixth form. For nurses, biology is a good bet, including something that involves communication such as psychology or English literature. Make sure you choose things that you enjoy – once you’ve chosen your subjects, you’ve got to work hard at them!

Step 2: Get some work experience

Work experience is a great way to learn a little more about your future career and gain some skills relevant to the role. Volunteering at a local surgery, shadowing a school nurse or visiting a local care home will definitely impress a university interview panel – so if you’ve got some time in your school holidays, use it wisely!

Step 3: Do your university research

Open days, league tables, prospectuses… there are dozens of ways to see which universities suit you. There’s no use simply picking the top five universities in the country – they may not be ‘top’ for you. Consider things like gender distribution, assessment options, training, class size and so on. Be prepared to look at lots of choices, and hopefully you’ll feel confident in your final decisions!

Step 4: Excel at interview

Once you’ve secured an interview at your chosen universities, the hard work doesn’t end. Having a successful interview is key to being offered a place, so be prepared to talk about your work experience, why you want to become a nurse and why you think you would make the perfect candidate.

Step 5: Get the grades you deserve!

Last but not least, your final A level grades are important – don’t miss out on your university place by not meeting the expectations of their offer. Once all of your applications are finished, work hard on your core subjects, revise properly, and we’ll see you on the wards in no time!