Choosing between multiple medical careers

December 22, 2016

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Choosing your career is always difficult – but with many medical careers overlapping in the types of patients they deal with or the locations they work in, budding health professionals really have their work cut out for them.

So what should you consider if you’re deciding between two roles?

Consider your college degree

One of the biggest and most crucial steps in your journey through the health industry is studying for your college degree. If you get a good feeling about a particular subject, chances are you’ll love the job it leads you to.

If you’re unsure whether to become a physician assistant or a doctor, for example, consider the fact that PA qualifications can be as short as two years while medical degrees are far longer. How long would you like to spend in education, and does the course content seem like a good fit for you?

Consider getting some work experience

Another very effective litmus test for your future medical career is to get some work experience. Not only do internships and shadowing placements give you something great to speak about in interviews or on your college application, it also gives you the chance to see the reality of your chosen role.

Want to speak to someone about the stresses of the job, the training and the night shifts? Speak to someone who’s in that position right now, and ask them about the key differences between the roles you are looking into.

Consider the salary and the working hours

It goes without saying that health professionals choose the path because they love helping others, but we’ve all got to pay the bills. If becoming an EMT, for example, means that you’ll have to work long, stressful shifts, you should expect to be paid a salary that reflects that.

It’s important that you weigh up whether you’d rather have a little less money and more of a nine-to-five type job, or shift work with a bigger pay packet – and then find a role to suit that.

Still stuck?

The world of healthcare is extremely varied and interesting. Depending on your qualifications, you could find yourself working on a cruise ship, at a school or abroad – the options for healthcare professionals are practically limitless! Focus on the huge possibilities of your future health career, and we’re sure you’ll find a role that makes you jump out of bed in the morning.