Five “outside the box” jobs in the medical field

December 22, 2016

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Seeing the same patients day in, day out isn’t for everyone – here are some jobs in the medical field that will get you thinking outside the box. 


The world is more connected than ever – both immigration and health tourism have increased the need for specialist medical translators. You’ll need to have great language skills, a good knowledge of the medical industry and be able to put patients at ease – this is a career that could take you around the globe, so be prepared to rack up those air miles!


Not many children tell their parents that they want to be a phlebotomist, but this can prove to be a very rewarding career, and required less training than that of a GP or surgeon. Phlebotomists take blood from patients and then prepare that blood to be sent to the laboratory for testing. The role could see you working in small doctors’ surgeries, hospitals or dedicated phlebotomy units depending on your location and preferences.

Sleep technologist

As we spend more and more of our lives in front of screens and our jobs get increasingly stressful, a lot of research is devoted to sleep – how much we need, and how effectively the average person gets it. A career in sleep technology could see you doing anything from educating patients in a surgery on ‘sleep hygiene’, all the way to performing tests on sleeping and waking subjects (called polysomnography).

Medical researcher

If you love chemistry and biology you should consider a career in medical research. While not patient-facing, researchers play a crucial role in diagnosing conditions, creating pioneering treatments and finding cures to illnesses. Nothing can beat that feeling!

Medical journalist

Once those life-changing discoveries have been made, many people want to hear about them. If you have a way with words you could have a fantastic career as a medical journalist. This may be for a dedicated medical publication or for a mainstream newspaper or news website – you’ll get to pass comment on the evolution of the medical industry and use your writing skills to get the general public excited about it.

What other careers can you think of? Let us know!