How to make your medical school application stand out

September 10, 2020

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Medical school is competitive. There’s no doubt about it. But we know what schools are looking for and how to make your medical school application stand out in a crowd.

To be a competitive applicant for med school you need more than good grades and some volunteer experience. You want to show universities that you have an understanding of healthcare that other students may not have. You want to be unique.

We can help!

We support pre-med and pre-health students in getting the best educational experiences abroad. Our program has been enhanced to provide a COVID resilient doctor shadowing experience so that you can continue on your journey to becoming a healthcare professional.

Clinical shadowing experience

Getting clinical observation hours is usually a requirement for most medical schools. We recommend choosing your hours wisely so that you can get the most out of your experience shadowing doctors on hospital front lines.

We can offer you that unique experience. Our two-week program in the Dominican Republic provides a minimum of 40 shadowing hours at an international hospital. You will form a close relationship with your mentoring doctor during that time, who will be right by your side explaining all the procedures and answering any questions you have.

If your mentoring doctor’s colleague is doing an interesting surgery, then you might go and observe from the gallery. Your mentor will stay with you to explain the procedure, and give you time with the lead surgeon afterwards so that you can ask any additional questions in a safe and socially distanced way.

It’s important to have variety in your clinical observation hours, and we can offer that. Our mentors have been specifically chosen and are paid directly from your program fee as an incentive, so we know they will provide you a thorough and diverse experience on hospital frontlines.

Additionally, we follow all health, safety, and ethical guidelines recommended by the AAMC and the BMA. Our program is strictly observational and there is no physical contact between students and patients.

You should always check with the university and program you are applying to and find out what their requirements are for shadowing hours.

Stay focused on your studies

We know how important it is for medical schools to see that you are committed to your education. While you are busy, either in high school or at university, it can be hard to find time for extracurriculars like volunteering or finding a doctor to shadow. To be a competitive medical school applicant, it’s important for you to continue to achieve good marks.

At Global Pre-Meds, we offer doctor shadowing programs abroad during your school breaks. This way you don’t have to split your focus between school and this amazing learning opportunity.

When you arrive in the country, our staff picks you up and takes you to the beautiful Global Pre-Meds house. During your stay, we prepare your meals, take you to and from the hospital, and keep the house clean and safe. We are there to support you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so that you can give all your attention to this wonderful experience.

By using your school breaks to gain a better understanding of healthcare, you’re satisfying your medical school requirements while exploring another country, and it will not deter from your studies. You can have an enjoyable spring, summer or winter break, as you work to make your medical school application stand out. 

After you complete our program, you will receive a personal letter of recommendation from your mentoring doctor.

It’s never too early to start getting medical experience. You will have even more knowledge to approach your studies with, new friends from all over, and a great addition to your resume and university applications.

Offer a unique perspective

Medical school applicants often have the same extracurriculars and experiences listed on their resumes. You want to make sure that you stand out from all the rest.

Our program offers you the opportunity to check some of those medical school boxes, but also gain an invaluable perspective of global healthcare. By shadowing a doctor in an international setting, you are able to see what healthcare professionals experience in a different part of the world.

On our Tanzania program, for example, they often see a lot of large animal trauma cases, which would be unusual in a country like the United States. In the Dominican Republic, malaria can be quite common in patients, but it does not exist in other parts of the world. All of these cases give you a broader medical experience and a jump start on your pre-med and pre-health education.

At Global Pre-Meds, our mentoring doctors will come to the house and host global health seminars so that you can ask questions and fully understand the context of the cases you’re seeing. You can also compare that to the way healthcare is approached in your home country, which will make you a better doctor or physician, and a more interesting applicant.

We also offer opportunities to volunteer. We work with different local groups doing things like environmental cleanups or visiting orphanages. You get the chance to contribute to the local community in a more hands-on way.

These kinds of experiences make great essay topics for your applications or points of discussion for interviews. Many medical students have never seen healthcare outside their own country or even their hometown. Getting clinical shadowing hours abroad can definitely set you apart from the majority of pre-med and pre-health students.

In addition to being a wonderful learning experience in the hospital, you will meet other students from all over the world. We have pre-health and pre-med students from different countries, who may be pursuing different medical specialties, but can understand the pre-med experience right alongside you. You can make friends for life that will stay with you on your medical school journey.

If you are a pre-med or pre-health student and want to know how to make your medical school application stand out, we hope that you join us for this unforgettable experience!