How Global Pre-Meds helped Grace become a midwife

October 26, 2020

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Grace Taylor-White credits our program with helping her decide to become a midwife and contributing to her win of an exciting contest with Cosmopolitan.

Grace recently became one of the newest members of the Home Made house in Manchester, England, which gives women the chance to live in a beautiful space for reduced rent. As a student midwife in her last year of school, Grace works long hours at the hospital and said this contest has changed her life.

But before that, she said it was Global Pre-Meds that changed the course of her life and career.

Our programs are designed for students interested in becoming a physician assistant, doctor, nurse, or midwife. We provide a minimum of 40 hours of doctor shadowing on hospital frontlines. This kind of in-person experience gives you the chance to experience the day-to-day life of a healthcare professional.

Finding Global Pre-Meds

Grace found us through an advertisement when she was 17. At the time she wasn’t sure about her career and was looking for work experience for midwives.  As soon as she saw our program she said, “I want to do this.”

It didn’t take much for Grace to convince her parents, who have always pushed her to be independent and responsible.

“They weren’t scared at all, especially with [Global Pre-Meds] because they felt that it was a safe program and secure environment,” she said.

Grace was picked up at the airport by our driver and taken to what would be her sanctuary for the program.

“I couldn’t believe the space I got,” Grace said, describing the amenities and the cleanliness of her house.

Every Global Pre-Meds guesthouse has an in-house chef that prepares delicious, locally sourced meals just for you. During Grace’s program, she even had a couple of cooking classes to learn how to prepare some local dishes.

We provide opportunities for excursions and additional seminars to help you understand the context of your experience. Grace’s group had language and cultural lessons at the house after their shifts and spent the weekends exploring the country.

You will also be living in the house with students from all over the world. You get to bond over your shared interests and learn even more from each other’s experiences.

Grace said there were many girls from all over – some were labor nurses who had finished school and others, like herself, had never seen a birth before.

“They were all from different places. America, Canada, London, and we still talk sometimes. We’re all really close.”

While our program is strictly observational, you learn from the cases you see and conversations with your mentoring doctors.

“I’m getting emotional thinking about it now because it was such a life changing experience…everyone should witness a birth at least once,” Grace said.

We cater to your interests at Global Pre-Meds. If you’re interested in midwifery, then we make sure your mentoring doctor knows and offers you the chance to experience related cases. We want to make sure you get the most out of your program.

Your free-time is your own. Grace said she and the other girls used to go explore on the weekends, with the help of their driver and other staff. Grace explored the temples, went shopping, and even sang karaoke.

She said her experience was worth every penny.

“It was life changing. I was so upset when I got home because I had such an amazing time. As soon as I was there I just felt like I knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

Life as student midwife

Grace is currently a student midwife at the University of Manchester and set to graduate in August 2021. She said it was her experience in Thailand that made her sure midwifery was the right career path for her and helped her get into university.

“It’s something that no one ever sees on a CV. I said I watched babies being delivered and they were like ‘no way,’” she said.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Grace has been working 40 hours per week at a hospital. She has delivered 10 babies since March.

She applied for a reduced rent competition with Cosmopolitan and won. She said she wrote about her experiences with our program in her personal statement and believes that’s what helped her win.

While she is living at the Cosmopolitan house and now being paid for her work at the hospital, Grace is saving up for more trips abroad to help in maternity wards. She said she wants to do another program with Global Pre-Meds.

We want to help support you on your journey to becoming a healthcare professional – whether that’s midwifery or something else. Check out our programs here and apply today!