Nursing and midwifery shadowing

January 18, 2021

Article by Global Pre-Meds
Hospital doctor shadowing & global health experience programs.

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If you are interested in nursing and midwifery shadowing, you should consider our Global Pre-Meds programs. 

We provide doctor shadowing and global health experience abroad for students who want to be doctors, nurses, physician assistants, or midwives. We take into account your interests and path to healthcare during the application process, so that we can make sure we give you the best learning experience. 

We select medical doctors to serve as mentors during our programs. While you may not plan on becoming a physician, you will be able to observe cases with that mentor that build your knowledge of medicine and patient care

Shadow a nurse

If you want to shadow a nurse, it’s a good idea to spend some of your hours with a registered nurse (RN) at home. However, the goal of shadowing is to understand the role and responsibilities of nurses, as well as build your resume so that you’re a competitive candidate to a nursing program. This is why it’s recommended that you find ways to diversify your experience portfolio. 

Our doctor shadowing and global health experience programs will expose you to the inner workings of international hospitals and clinics. You will get to observe doctors, nurses, and a host of other healthcare professionals working within the facility. 

Your mentor will guide you through your two-week program and make sure that you’re seeing a good balance of cases that come through the facility. If you are interested in a particular specialty, we will make sure your mentor knows so that they can guide you towards things that will be of interest. 

By shadowing abroad, you get to see cases that you may not likely find in your home country. Our programs are located in the Dominican Republic and Tanzania, which have vastly different cultures, but both have issues with tropical diseases, like malaria. 

Malaria is just one example of a disease that you won’t likely see in Europe or the United States. Additionally, the international healthcare facilities you will be shadowing in are often working with more limited resources, as well as cultural and environmental challenges that may be foreign to you. 

These are the experiences that can set you apart from other aspiring nurses. You will have knowledge of patient care in scenarios that most pre-nursing students will not have so early in their careers. 

Shadow a midwife

Our international hospital doctor shadowing and global health experience programs have supported many aspiring midwives on their journeys. 

Giving birth, which is but one aspect of midwifery, is a highly personal life event. Each patient you encounter will have a different approach to pregnancy and parenthood that requires an extra level of patience and sensitivityWhat better way to understand a wide range of backgrounds and learn about patient care than diversifying your medical experience

We will make sure you get the most out of the learning experience. Your mentor may allow you to observe on the maternity ward with a colleague, if that is what you are interested in. Many students get the opportunity to observe Cesarean sections, as well as prenatal and antenatal care.

Midwives don’t usually work alone, so having the opportunity to observe other healthcare professionals is an important part of your education. You will see how a midwife works with a team of other healthcare workers. 

The best part of our nursing and midwifery shadowing programs, is that we take care of everything. Our programs are fully curated – we take care of your food, transportation, and placement so that you can focus on taking it all in.

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