Pre-Med shadowing

January 18, 2021

Article by Global Pre-Meds
Hospital doctor shadowing & global health experience programs.

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Shadowing at a hospital or clinic is essential for pre-med and pre-health students. Shadowing gives you the opportunity to observe the environment you may want to work in, as well as get to know the profession you aspire to. 

We put students directly on the frontlines of international hospitals and clinics for pre-med shadowing experience. If you are interested in becoming a physician, a physician assistant, a nurse, or a midwife, we can help you on that journey. 

Consider one of our programs for your pre-med shadowing hours. Our unique experience, where you get to observe a range of medical cases and surgeries, can help you stand out from the crowd of other pre-med students. 

By shadowing at an international healthcare facility, you will also get to observe cases that medical students in your country may never get the opportunity to. These cases may be quite common in that country but different than what you might typically see at home. 

These kinds of experiences can help set you apart and set you up for success a pre-med student.