Doctor Shadowing
International Healthcare Experience

For High School
and College Students

COVID-safe programs now available

For high school students aged 16-18, we now have two-week programs available to shadow doctors in Dominican Republic or explore global health and medicine in African culture in Tanzania. We also offer a one-week program to provide a taster of the doctor shadowing experience over Spring Break.

For college and gap year students we have dedicated sessions for over 18s on both the doctor shadowing and medicine in African culture programs this winter break and for summer 2021.

All our programs are now fully COVID-resilient and open for applications.

Our comprehensive package includes fully-catered accommodation in our own exclusive student guest houses, global health seminars and professional support 24 hours a day – all covered by one simple program fee.

12,416 students since 2010

  • 16 Global Pre-Meds houses since 2010
  • 571,136 hours of shadowing experience
  • 41 health professionals currently mentoring

Discover the Global Pre-Meds Experience

Medicine in African Culture

Explore the roots of medicine in tribal communities guided by a medical doctor and go on safari in East Africa’s most spectacular wilderness!

Medicine in African Culture