Doctor Shadowing
International Healthcare Experience

For High School
and University Students

COVID-safe programs now available

Our medical shadowing programs in the Dominican Republic are now fully COVID-resilient and open for applications.

For university and gap year students, we have two-week sessions available over winter 2020 and summer 2021 providing 40 hours of small-group clinical shadowing mentored by medical doctors.

The same programs are available as dedicated high school sessions for students aged 16-18, and we also offer a one-week high school spring break program providing a condensed hospital experience.

Our comprehensive package includes fully-catered accommodation in our own exclusive student guest houses, global health seminars and professional support 24 hours a day – all covered by one simple program fee.

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Shadowing a Doctor

What to expect from your hospital shadowing experience, including details of our mentoring system, safety precautions and medical ethics.

Shadowing a Doctor