Want to Become a Doctor?

March 28, 2012

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Want to become a doctor? Becoming a doctor isn’t easy. It’s a career that appeals to many but when you scratch the surface it becomes quickly apparent that becoming a doctor takes a lot of time invested, hard work and an enormous amount of dedication.

Theoretically the many hurdles that need to be negotiated in order to embark upon a career as a doctor will make for healthcare professionals that are truly passionate about what they do and the best from all the hopefuls.

For many the dream of becoming a doctor ends right there with a mere fleeting thought of it being a profession that appeals. Firstly in order to become a doctor one must have top-notch grades, an easier said than done feat, not only this but those grades at A-level must be usually within a relevant subject. This means that students must decide extremely early into their academic career that medicine is the career for them if they are looking at entering med school by traditional routes.

Secondly even if you possess all the pre-requisite subjects and proudly hold a clutch of A’s or the ever increasingly needed A*’s your journey to becoming a doctor is only beginning. Before your grades have been published you will have applied to your chosen institutions and hopefully had medical school interviews to contend with too aswell as possibly having to take the UKCATtest. Medical school is vastly over subscribed and almost every applicant will hold similar grades to each other so in order to even get an interview students must posses something that will help them stand out and demonstrate their desire to become a doctor.

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Medical work experience should be high on the agenda for every applicant when it comes to applying for medical school. Universities demand an extensive CV of volunteering both medical volunteer work and other care based work experience too. Its also important for yourself too to be 100% sure that becoming a doctor is the right move for you.

The important thing to remember throughout the whole process is that becoming a doctor is achievable, it’s something that if you are determined in succeeding there’s no reason why your dreams cannot become a reality. It requires thorough planning, some stand out medicine work experience, talent and a little luck to succeed!