Infant Institution in Liberec

June 28, 2013

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Based in the city of Liberec, the Children’s Center SUN is a non-profit organisation here to provide a variety of care to children whose lives are somewhat disrupted because of health and social factors, or when family are unable to provide them with the proper care. All children deserve to be treated equally and have a good quality of life, and the Children’s Center SUN is here to ensure that is not forgotten. The aim is to provide a setting as close to that of a family as possible; hoping for children to have the shortest possible stay, with the most positive effect on their lives.

The center provides medical, social and educational care to children from the moment of birth, through to the age of approximately six years old. This includes diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative and counseling care from a number of staff, ranging from pediatricians, child neurologists, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists, social workers, child and general nurses, and a special education teacher. The newly renovated building is divided between the Baby and Children departments, allowing staff to give the appropriate individual care to each child based upon their age and situation. And that is not all…

A good portion of the work at the Children’s Center SUN comes from the volunteers!

Students watching the sunset on Gangilonga Rock in Tanzania

Gap Medics have teamed up with the institution to offer a helping hand. Our pre-healthcare students can travel here during their hospital work experience placements. This benefits both the institution and the students. The Children’s Center SUN gains that extra pairs of hands that are eager to learn and offer as much help as possible, and the students gain an amazing experience in a setting that they are unlikely to come across back home. They will also feel fantastic knowing that they have really given back to the Czech community and its children.

The facility also offers a room dedicated to stealth births – where pregnant women who want to have a ‘secret’ birth, then later place their child in foster care, can go and receive the appropriate treatment. This is to help minimize the negative effects and stress on both themselves and the baby. As well as this, the center helps to place children into foster care with loving families, and is always available to offer immediate help, in instances such as the death of parents or children who have suffered abuse. The facility also hosts a crèche – it is after all very important that the children are still treated like children, and that they are having fun as well as receiving that vital care to move their lives along in the right direction. Both the staff and Gap Medics volunteers want the best for the children, and work together to achieve this!

If you want to find out more about the institution, please visit the website.