How to choose a medical school

October 21, 2013

You know that the most effective way to increase your chances of getting admission into medical school is to apply to as many schools as possible. But what happens if you are lucky enough to get accepted in more than one school? Both schools are equally prestigious so how do you decide which you should join and which one to drop?

Here is some help on how you weigh your options and navigate the various factors that are involved in choosing a medical school.


On placement in surgery at the Regional Hospital in Tanzania Important Factors That Will Influence Your Decision


Medical schools admissions are highly competitive. If you apply to a number of them hoping that you will get selected in one, you might just be surprised to see that that is exactly what happened. It could be tempting to enrol in the school that seems to be the most prestigious, but there are numerous other factors that you should be taking into consideration:


  • Take a look at the various programs the school offers – All medical schools cover very similar basics. But some are renowned for their specialties in particular areas. For instance, if you choose to specialize in internal medicine and are accepted by a medical college that is well-known in that field, then that is the one you should be opting for.
  • Teaching style – Though this is not something that you will be able to gauge from the outside, take time to scrutinize the curriculum of every college that you have been accepted by. Some colleges will provide numerous opportunities for hands-on patient care early in the course, while others will delay all clinical work till the third year. Which one do you think would suit you better?
  • Research colleges– Some medical schools provide extensive research opportunities. If your interest lies in research or academics, these are the colleges you should be considering against the ones that lay emphasis on patient care.
  • The cost factor– Tuition cost and financial aid availability varies from one institution to another. If funding is a problem this should definitely be a consideration for you.
  • Other facilities– If cost is a factor that you have to consider then look for a college that has teaching hospitals in the vicinity. You might not realize it, but it will save you a great deal of expense and time.
  • Location– It could be that you have to be in or at least near a certain location because you need to be close to your family or you have to access certain specific amenities that are necessary for you, keep these at the fore while choosing a college.


Should You Choose A Place You Like?


If you have a choice, yes, absolutely.  To a certain degree you should go by “feel” and decide whether you actually like a particular college. You will be spending 4 years of your life there and it is important to choose a college that suits your needs and likings.