Getting into the right frame of mind in medical school

October 25, 2013

Medical school can be exciting and stimulating as you learn new things and overcome new challenges every day. However, it can also be overwhelming, especially during those first few weeks or even the first few months. Every step in medical school can be a challenge and a surprise and it helps to know what those challenges could be. 

Even Before You Join…

Give a sufficient amount of thought to your decision of becoming a doctor. Be honest and judge what your capabilities and dreams are. This is one profession that you cannot enter wearing blinkers. Becoming a doctor is tough profession and you should acknowledge this. If you still feel that the white coat is what you desire, steel yourself and start acquiring all the information you can about the profession and how you can survive med school. 

Medical work experience students in Tanzania Dealing With Medical School The Right Way 

Getting admission into medical school is just the first hurdle. The next one is settling in and trying not to let the hectic schedule faze you. For some students who enter medical school unprepared, the reality can come as a shock. It’s not all fun and games. You will be expected to work long, hard hours, attend long lecture and practical sessions and get good grades, no matter what. But, with these few tips, you can do it. 

  • The first few days can be very invigorating as you make new friends and familiarize yourself with your new surroundings. But once the initial euphoria has settled down and the reality sinks in, it can be a whole other story and there will be times when you will want to give up. This is when you will have to take a deep breath and focus on developing a game plan on how you are going to develop a strong academic record and succeed.. 
  • When you look around you, there are times when you may feel that every one of your classmates is smarter than you are. Relax, you all are sailing in the same boat and they are thinking the same thing as well. Fact is it doesn’t really matter whether someone is better than you are. You just have to work hard, be consistent with your studies, manage your time effectively and be compulsive and dedicated in your approach to medical school. 
  • Medical school studies are very different from college studies and you would do well to remember that. Cramming the whole year’s curriculum a couple of days before medical exams will not work here as it did back in college. The amount of information that comes your way in med school is simply too vast for rote-learning and cramming. Make it a habit to stay on top of things right from day one or you will quickly find yourself lagging behind.  
  • Dedication and passion are the key to success in med school. If you are not passionate about medicine and not dedicated to your coursework, you are going to find the next few years extremely difficult. Being a brilliant doctor is good but being a dedicated one, is better. Aim at being a dedicated medical professional. 

Overstep All Hurdles 

Being in medical school involves a lot of energy, time and money. It can be very personally and financially rewarding to be a doctor but the path to that goal has numerous hurdles. The sooner you get into the right mindset, the easier it will be for you to settle into medical school.