Shadowing a Doctor

November 7, 2013

Once the excitement of having got admission dies down and school starts in earnest, things will move along at a very rapid pace. If you are not prepared, you could find yourself feeling overwhelmed very quickly. These study tips can help you stay on track with your course work and prevent that sinking feeling.

Stay Organised

It is so important to stay organised from day one when you are in med school. Medicine is a fast-paced, high-volume course that keeps building on complex concepts as the course progresses. Breaking down the areas of study and grouping them will keep it all organised so you can easily recall the steps at a later time.

Weighing a new born baby in Morogoro Hospital, Tanzania Study Every Single Day

It may sound like a drag. After a day spent shuttling between classroom, laboratory and clinical observation, the last thing you feel like doing is some more studying. However, as a med student, developing good study habits is absolutely crucial if you want to be able to keep up.  With the volume of information coming to you every day it is all too easy to fall behind and trying to catch up later will leave you overwhelmed. Don’t worry too much if you cannot put in ‘x’ amount of study hours every day. If you just try and read a little bit whenever you can through the day, you will keep making gradual progress. 

At Least Once In A While, Study In A Group

Even if you generally prefer to study on your own, group study is a good once in a while. Use the group study time to clarify any doubts or confusing points that have been bogging you down for a while and also to review each other’s work. Studying in a group acts as a great little incentive to keep studying and pushing harder as everyone compares notes with each other. Sometimes, a little help, support and encouragement of your peers can go a long way.

Don’t Shy Away From Asking For Help If You Need It

Do you hesitate to ask for help for the fear of sounding dumb? You shouldn’t. If you knew all the answers you wouldn’t need to be in school in the first place. Teachers do not expect their students to know it all but at the same time they do not know what your doubts are or what you are struggling with unless you say it out loud or you ask them question. Don’t struggle unnecessarily especially since the people who can help you can be so easily contacted.   

Take A Break From It All

There are times when everything just gets to be too much and you feel like all you want to do is give up. Don’t let yourself reach that point. Schedule regular breaks into your weekly schedule. Go out on the town with a couple of friends, catch up with family, spend some time on your favourite hobby. It’s these little things that will recharge and refresh you, leaving you feeling rested and raring to go. Tackling another week of studies won’t seem so scary after that.