Classes which can help pre-meds prepare for medical school

November 11, 2013

A great deal of planning goes into preparing for medical school. You have to make sure that you take the right courses, get good grades, gain some relevant experience in a healthcare setting and above all, gain confidence in your abilities and capabilities. The important thing is that you focus on developing a well-rounded personality and increase your awareness about current happenings especially in the medical field.

Laura assisting her mentor in the obstetrics and gynaecology department in Tanzania Here are a few classes that you as a premed should take to help prepare you for Medical School:

  • Expository Writing Classes – Irrespective of whether you like it or not, you will have to write your personal statement while applying to medical school. You have to be able to express your ideas and thoughts and the stories/incidents that you make a note of in the statement will have to be penned in a creative and interesting manner.  Many applicants excel in the numerous areas, but many premed students are not very proficient with their writing and communication skills. Consider taking an expository writing class. It can help you present as well as develop ideas and you can impress the medical school committee with your analytical and writing skills.
  • Critical Reasoning Classes – A doctor has to be able to think critically and reason logically. This will go a long way in understanding health problems and also making accurate, snap decisions about situations and clinical cases. Experience and knowledge are important but so is thinking on your feet.
  • Classes in Art History– You might wonder what role art history plays in a medical career. Every school has some core competency requirements. Many universities and colleges are now offering different courses that premedical students can take. It gives them a chance to explore the practice of medicine in an entirely different light.  These art-themed courses are meant to hone observational skills which are an important attribute in the medical field.
  • Classes in Medical Ethics- The fact is that very few medical students are able to hold forth a knowledgeable conversation when it comes to healthcare policies, delivery and ethics. It is important to be well-versed in these topics as it will set you a head above the crowd when it comes to a medical interview. Read up about current topics that are related to the field and start honing your analytical skills.
  • Foreign Language Classes – If you have plans on working as a doctor in another corner of the world, it is a big asset to know a foreign language. You do not need to be 100% fluent in the foreign language but conversational skills are important. Though it is not mandatory to take a second language when you apply to medical school, it gives you an edge.


When it comes to medical school applications, it is important never to leave anything to chance. Whenever you get the opportunity to learn something new or do an advance course that will help you hone your existing skills, do not let the opportunity pass. The more you know, the more well rounded you will come across to your interviewers and the better your chances of getting accepted into their school.