Edward Hébert School of Medicine: Admission Procedures

November 16, 2013

How to Apply

Students interested in studying military medicine at the Edward Hébert School of Medicine have to submit their application through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). You cannot apply directly to the School of Medicine for the M.D. program. All applications must necessarily be properly routed through AMCAS.

Surgeons at Iringa Regional performing a C-section Deadline for Applying

The earliest day for submitting your AMCAS application for admission to the School of Medicine is June 1 and the last day for submitting all necessary credentials into AMCAS is November 15. The admissions committee works on processing the applications as soon as they are received. If you are planning on applying, it is advisable to submit your application in June or latest by July, even if you are planning on taking one of the summer or fall MCAT exams.

Necessary Documents To Be Submitted

  • Official Transcripts: After completing the AMCAS web application, you will need to furnish the AMCAS with official transcripts from every college or university you have attended so your academic records can be verified. If this is not done on time, your application processing will be put on hold till the transcripts are received.
  • Premedical Committee Reference Letter: Another important document that the admissions committee will require is a premedical committee reference letter from the program that you had earlier attended. In case you cannot obtain one for any reason, you will need to submit a letter explaining why.
  • Clinical Letter of Recommendation: The admissions committee requires every applicant to submit a letter of recommendation from a clinical supervisor. This may be submitted through AMCAS Letter Writer service. The letter of recommendation should provide detailed information on your personality, character and other attributes and should elaborate on any relevant major achievements and events. If you are unable to furnish this, you will be required to send an explanatory note along with your other supplemental materials. Letters from family members do not meet the reference criteria, irrespective of their profession or status. 

General, Academic & Test Requirements For Admission

General Requirements

To apply to the Edward Hébert School of Medicine, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old at the time of matriculation and no older than 36 years as of 30th June of the year of application. You will have to go through a special approval process if you are older than 36 years.
  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Meet all of the eligibility requirements and medical standards of fitness for holding a commission in the US uniformed services. Your medical history will be thoroughly scrutinized for any injuries or hereditary conditions that could adversely affect your current or future physical fitness.
  • Undergo a thorough security investigation, which will need to be cleared of all aspects

Academic Requirements

While grades are not the only criteria used to grant admission, they are an important factor. To be considered, you should have obtained a baccalaureate degree from an accredited academic institution in the US, Puerto Rico or Canada and completed one academic year of the following course work:

  • English
  • Biology including laboratory
  • General or inorganic chemistry including laboratory
  • Organic chemistry including laboratory
  • General physics
  • One semester of calculus

Certifications from online courses are not acceptable. All coursework should have been taken in a traditional classroom setting.

Test Requirements

You will have to sit for and pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) within three years of desired matriculation. You cannot take the MCAT and enter the school in the same year.