Everything You Need To Know About The Uniformed Services University

November 16, 2013

USU Admission Requirements

The average MCAT for students accepted into the USU School of Medicine is 30. The average GPA is 3.5.

Transfer students are not accepted at the USU School of Medicine. All students must necessarily take the full 4-year course. Those students who are already in the military will compete with their civilian counterparts at the same level.

You do not need to have any prior military service to apply for admission. Almost 50% of all students who are accepted do not have any previous military service. However, after being accepted into the medical program, all students must into the Army, Air Force, Navy, or Public Health Service before they can obtain their matriculation. Even before they start the first year, all new students are taught how to become proficient military leaders. This training is conducted at their respective training facility.

A student holding her baby after observing her first delivery! USU Campus & Academics

The USU campus is located in a park-like setting on the grounds of the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Students are required to wear the appropriate uniform of the day handed down by the Uniform brigade.

Students are not provided base housing on the campus but instead they get a basic allowance for housing or BAH. The BAH is given per month and it is sufficient to rent out decent accommodation in the neighborhood. The central location of the campus, just a few miles out of Washing DC gives students numerous opportunities to enjoy diverse cultural events. Fabulous museums, ancient monuments and award-winning restaurants surround the campus and provide a much needed break from the intense pressure of medical school.

Students complete their clinical training at various Military Treatment Facilities across the United States.

The academic program of the USU School of Medicine combines basic medical science with specialized military training. Students attend school all year round and also receive 500 hours of additional preparation in behavioral sciences, the humanities, trauma and emergency medicine, parasitology and infectious disease. As a student of the USU, you also enjoy a wide range of extracurricular activities including a variety of athletic programs and students clubs.

Career Options Post Graduation

One of the biggest questions on any student’s mind is about the career opportunities that are available after graduation. Most students who graduate from the USU School of medicine build impressive careers that are focused on military medicine. USU graduates hold many key leadership positions in diverse and far reaching fields including serving as part of the medical detail of the White House, heading emergency and terrorism response team and managing major Military Treatment Facilities.

Benefits of enrolling in the USU

Students who are accepted into the program enjoy a tuition-free education, in addition to which, during the 4-year program, they draw a full salary of a junior ranking officer. This includes all benefits too. The only stipulation is that students have to commit to serving a minimum of 7 years in the uniformed service after they graduate.