Learning Military Medicine At The F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine

November 16, 2013

Learning to care for those in harm’s way

The F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine is the United States’ federal school of medicine and is committed to excellence in military medicine and public health during periods of peace and war. It is a part of the Uniformed Services University or USU. This is the place to go to if you are interested in learning the art and science of military medicine.

Students and mentor in Iringa, Tanzania The innovative learning program at this School of Medicine blends a traditional health sciences curriculum and the clinical practice of medicine with leadership skills and military training. This hallmark combination of education and training singles the Uniformed Services University out as a leader among institutions of learning. USU graduates are highly skilled and ready to practice their unique brand of medicine anywhere in the world.

While it is traditional in many ways, the F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine has unique precepts and principles that make it a special place. Among its most outstanding features is a singular curriculum that places special emphasis on military and public health medicine. This foundation prepares students for the central roles they will take on as uniformed medical professionals.

Tuition Free Education

The F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine is the solution for anyone who is interested in studying medicine and is equally interested in serving the nation by joining the armed forces. At this school, you will get the opportunity to do both. What’s more, enrolling in the Uniformed Services University relieves students of the huge burden of expensive student loans. The tuition and fees for enrollment in the F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine is covered by each student’s parent service. Students also enjoy the privilege of receiving their full salary as well as the benefits of a second lieutenant or ensign through all of the four years of school.

In exchange for this tuition-free education, USU students commit to serving in the uniformed service for a minimum seven years after completing their graduation, internship and residency.


The USU School of Medicine is an exclusive program with a unique mission, which is to teach students to care for those in harm’s way. With that in mind, the Uniformed Services University is highly selective, only picking out very talented individuals, with a keen interest in a long-term career in uniformed service. Only the brightest and the best thinkers are picked out for admission.

Navigating the course of military and public health medicine is a challenging experience. The USU curriculum is very extensive, so that all students who graduate are prepared for this tough task. By the time they graduate, students are able to perform confidently under the most extenuating circumstances during war and peace time anywhere in the world and they become part of a vocation that is greater than medicine alone.