How To Stand Out In Your Medical School Interview

December 6, 2013

Receiving an invite for a medical school interview means that the college authorities are impressed by what they read in your application letter and resume and they are interested in having you as one of their students. However, while it does take you one step closer toward admission, it is only part of the process. No matter how impressive your personal statement, if you flounder at the interview, your likelihood of getting admission is not going to be very high.

It would be a mistake to underestimate the importance of giving a good interview. This is your chance to show faculty and admissions department the parts of your personality that you could not express in your written application. Why do they want you as a medical student at their school? Why would you make a good doctor? Your goal during the interview is to wow them enough to pick you over the hundreds of other applicants.

Here are a few tips that will help you stand out to the authorities at your medical school interview:

Holding a new born baby for the first time after observing the C-section Show Up On Time & Dress to Impress

When you arrive on time looking professional, you score big points with the interviewers right off the bat. It creates a positive impression that will set the tone for the rest of the interview. Arriving late and being sloppily dressed are the two cardinal sins of any interview. Even if the rest of the interview goes well, this first impression will bring you down.

Stay Focused & Interested

If you are going to be a doctor, you need to be focused and this is something the interviewers are sure to look for. Nobody wants a distracted doctor. Listen intently to the questions that are being asked. You shouldn’t have to ask for the questions to be repeated. When you reply, keep your answers brief and to the point. Be enthusiastic about the interview and the school. Interviewers want to see how interested you really are in their school and in this career path.

Be Honest

During the course of the interview, it is likely that you won’t know the answers to a couple of questions. If that happens, it would be far better to be upfront and say so rather than make up an answer. Interviewers understand that you are not expected to know everything about everything and will appreciate your honesty.

Practice Your Interview Skills

If this is the first interview you are going for, it would help to do a few mock interviews in advance. Mock interview sessions will help you feel more confident when you are replying to all the questions that will come flying at you during the real interview.

Do Your Research & Be Prepared

Before going in to the interview, find out all you can about the school, its specialties and the way it functions so that if you are asked why you chose that particular medical school, you have a convincing reply. Also, take time to go through everything you’ve mentioned in your application so that you do not make the mistake of refuting anything that you have mentioned in there.