Tips For Writing A Letter Of Intent

December 23, 2013

When you want to let a certain medical school know that they are your top choice, it is a good idea to send them a letter of intent after your interview. Today of course, this could be done by email. This letter can be a huge influence on your getting admission into a medical school of your choice. This is because for medical schools, their primary criterion is to accept students who will actually go through the admissions and attend their school. Knowing that they are your first preference is more likely to sway their decision.

A letter of intent should primarily communicate the reasons why that school is your preferred choice and also why you would be a good fit. While you can write letters of intent to multiple schools if you would like to, it is important that this letter should not be generic or casual. It should be formal, direct and specific to that particular school. Getting a professor, mentor, physician or premed advisor to call the school or send a letter to the admissions office, that would be helpful as well.

If you are not sure how to write a letter of intent specifically for medical schools, here are some guidelines that will help you. Remember, it is best to limit your letter to one page.

Gap Medics mentor teaching new skills to the students on the ward Who the letter of intent is addressed to

The letter of intent should be addressed to the director of admissions or to the dean of the school. Communicating with the right people who are going to be making the final decision is crucial. It is equally important to make sure that you use the correct titles and spellings when addressing the letter. Do some research, call the school if need be and get the correct name and title of dean or the director of admissions.

What you need to mention in your letter of intent

There’s no need to get into long-winded introductions or back stories. Let your introduction be short and sweet. After stating your name and the date of your interview, get straight to the point about why you are writing this letter.

Typically you should mention 2 reasons – why you think that school is your top choice of med school and why you think you are a good fit for the school. Do your research and give legitimate and compelling reasons for both aspects. You may need to customise this for different schools. Highlight features of the school as well as your accomplishments or personality traits that make for a good fit. 

This is also the time to update the addressee on any new accomplishments that may not be in the file you had initially submitted. You can also mention your upcoming plans or talk about things like recent leadership endeavours, a new research publication or relevant accomplishments at your job or volunteer place.

Give some thought to how you end the letter

Your final statement should encapsulate everything you’ve said earlier while reiterating your interest in studying at that school. Finally, end by thanking the person and expressing how you look forward to going through the rest of the admissions process.

Before you send off your letter, proof read several times to make sure you have got all the names right and that the letter is correctly formatted and error-free in all respects.