Shadowing a Doctor

December 30, 2013

Your application was successful and you’ve been accepted into medical school recently. The million dollar question now is, ‘What’s next’? What can you do ahead of medical school to occupy yourself? Though there are no hard and fast rules, there are plenty of things you can do. This is the ideal time to indulge in useful activities that will give you a better insight into life as a medical student. This is also the time to catch up on some of your favourite activities especially as you are not likely to get much time over the next few years till you graduate.

Below you can find a few things you can do to prepare to medical school. You can always add to the list as you go along:

  • Learn to relax– You have already been through 4 years of studies and the next 4 years of medical school are going to be very rigorous. Once you are through medical school you will move into work mode for the rest of your life. Now is the best time to relax, unwind and indulge in that hobby that you always wanted to pick up but never found the time. Learn a new language perhaps.
  • Travel a bit– If you enjoy travelling, this is the perfect time for it. Once you start with medical school, you will not have any time to travel. Make the most of the moment and travel when you can. Better still, mix travel with a medical placement abroad. That way you can get some crucial practical clinical experience in a different type of hospital setting while also exploring the different sights, cuisine and culture of the country.
  • Look for a job– If you feel that relaxing is not something you particularly like doing, go ahead and look for a job and gain some work experience and you can pick up a few skills along the way. Apart from this, getting a job is one way of reducing the debt that you are going to pull out and it’s not a secret that medical school fees and expenses can be prohibitively high.
  • Get to know your school neighbourhood – Once you start with medical school you will not have too much time to explore the city. Check out the best parks and restaurants and see what else the city has to offer you. You will be living there for the next 4 years and it’s a good idea to get to know your surroundings.
  • Talk to other medical students, residents and doctors – Speaking with others in the medical field and getting to know the experiences they have gone through can give you some valuable information of the ups and downs of life as a doctor.
  • Catch up on social life– Spend some time with family and friends. Once you are in medical school, you might find that you don’t have too much time to spend with them.

Apart from all of these things, if there is anything specific that you would like to do, explore those possibilities as well. Also, spend some time researching the different medical specialities and try to identify what you might like to specialise in once you are actually in medical school.