Is Your Application Accepted, Waitlisted Or Rejected?

January 6, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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When you submit your application to medical school, you can expect any one of these three possible outcomes – you can be accepted, waitlisted or rejected.  So what do you do next?

Entertaining in the paediatrics department! Your Application Is Accepted

Of course, this is every medical students preferred outcome and if you are among those chosen few, congratulations. You’ve obviously worked hard and you deserve it. So what do you do after you receive the acceptance letter? Most medical schools send off their acceptance letters within 2 to 4 weeks of the interview date. Of course some notify students sooner than that and others take a couple of months. 

Irrespective of when the notification is sent out, you will be given about 10-14 days from the day you receive it, to make the deposit. It is very important that you do this as this deposit indicates that you are interested in attending that particular school. The medical school will hold a spot for you only if you make the deposit.

Q- What happens if you get accepted into multiple schools?

A- You can make deposits at all the schools that have accepted you to ensure that your spot is saved.  The typical deposit in most schools is about $100, though a few schools charge a bit more. After making the deposits you can still look around and decide which of these schools would be your first option for studying medicine. Making the deposit only saves the seat for you but it does not in any way bind you to attending that particular school. However, all schools have a cut off date, before which you have to make your final decision of where you want to attend. Past this date you cannot hold seats at multiple schools so you have to decide before then. The school that you choose to study in will apply this deposit towards your tuition whereas you will get a refund from the other schools.  

Your Application Is Waitlisted

If you qualify for admission but just barely missed the first cut because the seat quota was filled by other students who had slightly higher qualifying points, your name gets put onto a wait list.  This is typically a numbered list, with students numbered in order of preference so if a vacancy arises because a student has declined the offer, the student who is No.1 on the list will be the first one offered the seat. At this point there is no guarantee of whether or not you will get a seat. It all depends on how many other students decline offers at that particular medical school late in the game.

Your Application is Rejected

It can be hard when you’ve worked hard and it ends up with a rejection letter. Unfortunately, with the number of applications far exceeding the collective number of seats available at all medical schools, this scenario is far too common. If you’ve set your heart on becoming a doctor, don’t give up yet. With the uneven ratio of students to seats, it is common for students to apply at 2 or even 3 years in a row before getting accepted. Use the time between applications to re-evaluate your overall application and identify areas that you can improve on before applying again. Register for a medical placement program. Do some volunteer work in a local healthcare setting in your neighbourhood. Spend time shadowing a doctor. All of these activities will do much to increase your chances of getting accepted when you re-apply.