Should I Become an AMSA Member as an Undergraduate?

January 17, 2014

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Membership in professional organizations is a near requirement for those in the medical field.  But did you know that you can obtain your first professional membership as an undergraduate?  For those considering a medical career, becoming a member of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) has bevy of benefits that will allow you to begin your journey towards becoming a doctor as an undergraduate.

AMSA considers all its members as “physicians-in-training” and provides ample opportunity and advice to make sure you move from pre-medical studies to a full-time medical career.  The cost is minimal for the benefits you’ll receive.  As a pre-medical student at the undergraduate level, the cost is $75 for a five-year membership.  Once you become a full-time medical student, membership is FREE.  As an undergraduate, you also have the opportunity to join an on-campus chapter and network in-person with your peers who are pursuing similar studies and feeling the same pressures.

AMSA provides its members with workshops, webinars, and forums specifically dedicated to the medical school application process.  It also offers a database of internships, institutes, clinical experiences, and scholarships especially tailored to the needs of the pre-med student. 

A student holding her baby after observing her first delivery! AMSA also provides deeply discounted MCAT prep materials and advice on how to prepare and pass this critical exam.  You’ll be able to network with your peers and set up a self-guided study if you want.

AMSA provides its members with a multitude of leadership opportunities.  You can join the AMSA Premedical Leadership Team to work towards the improvement of training for medical professionals, particularly at the undergraduate level.  You can also join any number of the Association’s action committees.  These committees focus on areas of specific interest distinguished by medical specialization and patient advocacy. As an active participant of these action groups, your voice will be heard by your peers and experts in the field.

AMSA members offer insider information to other students that is not available elsewhere.  Current medical students rate their schools based on multiple criteria, including atmosphere, facilities, geography, academics across the years, and available opportunities.  This survey has resulted in a database of ratings for the most popular medical school across the country. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to discover a more well-rounded view of the medical schools which you are considering, rather than the view presented on your school’s websites and brochures.

Students Jenna & Jesse with their mentor Dr Goodluck GotoraFinally, as a member, you’ll be able to attend the premier annual event for medical school students – the AMSA annual conference.  At the conference, you’ll network with medical professionals at all career stages, hear from speakers about the latest developments in medical education, and participate in forums with your peers.  AMSA also offers travel scholarships to the convention, so there’s no reason not to be an active member of the Association.

Undergrad is a great time to join the AMSA and begin taking advantage of its benefits! — Post by Madelaine Kingsbury.