The Highest Paid Medical Careers

February 1, 2014

Most career paths in the medical field yield a comfortable salary for the very important work done by these professionals.  If you are pursuing a medical career, you should be aware of the top-paying specialties.  We all know that money isn’t everything, but it’s important to be informed about your potential earnings as a medical professional. Here are the top earners!

Prepping for surgery at McCormick hospital in Chang Mai1. Anesthesiologists: Expect to earn well over $240,000 if you choose to specialize in anesthesiology.  This in-demand medical professional assists in all areas of medicine, surgery, delivery, and dental among others.  Anesthesiologists must be very careful working with patients; it is a delicate balance to anesthetize a patient for a surgical procedure or for delivering baby, and the risk to doctor and patient is very high.  This is why anesthesiologists are the highest paid of all medical professionals.

2. Surgeons: Expect to earn a little bit less than anesthesiologists but not much less.  Surgeons earn up to $230,000 for the specialized care you give to patients.  Surgeons also take high risks treating and healing their patients.  Special hands-on skills are needed to be a proficient surgeon, and the rewards for possessing and developing these skills are high.

3. Obstetricians and Gynecologists: OB-GYNs are highly valued for their care and treatment of women and babies.  For servicing this population, you can expect to earn almost $220,000 as an OB-GYN.  The hours might be crazy, and the outcomes are sometimes emotional and heartbreaking (especially for mothers of babies with birth defects), but the rewards of becoming an OB-GYN are well worth it! You’ll get to see the smile on a new mother’s face as she first sees her precious bundle of joy. You’ll literally be ushering a new generation of people through your care and dedication to bringing life into the world.

Student Katie Nelson and her mentor4. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons: Expect to earn about $215,000 as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  You’ll take care of multiple aspects of the human mouth: wisdom teeth, facial injuries, and tumors all fall under the auspices of the oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  You’ll be amply rewarded for helping people become beautiful and healthy.

5. General Internists: Rounding out the top five highest paid medical professional careers is that of the general internist. You can expect to earn up to $200,000 if you pursue this line of work. You’ll be helping adult patients by diagnosing and treating problems with their internal organs. For your continued contact and care for your patients, you’ll be rewarded with one of the highest salaries available to medical professionals.

 Other highly paid medical careers include orthodontists, family practitioners, general practitioners, and psychiatrists.  As you can see, these medical specialties all service different cross sections of the population.  Due to the high risks associated with these medical specialties, the high amounts of medical malpractice insurance these practitioners must carry, and the amount of training that goes into preparing and becoming an expert in your field, the resulting salaries reflect that you have achieved professionalism at the highest levels. — Post by Madelaine Kingsbury.