Shadowing a Doctor

February 19, 2014

While choosing to pursue medicine can be tremendously satisfying, a lot of hard work is involved in the actual course and you have to be well-prepared for it. However, even before that, you have to be able to get into a good medical school and that is not a very easy task. The one way to impress the interviewers and to get a better idea of what being a doctor is all about is to have some solid medical- related education, training or experience. Though this may not be hardcore medical experience, you should try to work in a doctor’s office or a community setting. Another option is to complete a St John Ambulance training course.

Students Jenna & Jesse with their mentor Dr Goodluck Gotora

A variety of courses to choose from

St John Ambulance has a wide range of courses you can choose from. They help make first-aid skills simpler to learn. Those who complete a St John Ambulance course are typically more willing and confident with using their first-aid skills in an emergency situation.

For a pre-med student attending a first-aid course has a dual benefit. It exposes you to the world of medicine and you get a taste of what you might have to handle when you eventually become a doctor. Over and above, it can give your medical school application and edge over those who have not done this course.

A definite plus

It goes without saying that having first-aid knowledge and skills is a definite plus for anyone. In an emergency situation, most people feel that someone else will know what to do and will come forward to help. But you can be that person who gives the much-needed first-aid, which in some cases can save a life. This can be an especially important skill if you are considering becoming a doctor.

Countrywide courses

St John Ambulance offers courses across the UK and there is a suite of first-aid, fire marshal, risk assessment and handling and moving courses on offer. When you decide to complete a first-aid course from a well-renowned organization like St John Ambulance, you automatically add a lot of credibility to your personal statement. It shows the interviewers that you are serious about the profession and that you have made the effort to learn something about the medical field, even before you are actually a part of it. The website has an online requirements calculator and you can check which course will suit you the best.

The experience that counts

At the end of the day, medical school is about dedication, hard work, passion for medicine and an urge to make a difference in other people’s lives. And when you complete a first-aid course from St John Ambulance, it reflects that you are all this and more. You can learn and gain some experience and the skills you pick up along the way will always stand you in good stead. Being a skilled first aider is a definite plus and it is a experience you should attempt to gain.