Shadowing a Doctor

March 6, 2014

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading cancer research organisations dedicated to beating cancer through research.

This institute has been working on pioneering life-saving research for more than a century, during which time there have been numerous groundbreaking achievements and tremendous progress in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the disease. Cancer Research UK has been credited with saving millions of lives through their relentless pursuit of cancer treatments and survival has doubled over the past 40 years.

Prepping for surgery at Morogoro Regional Hospital Work done by Cancer Research UK

The organisation funds research into over 200 different types of cancers, from the most common such as breast, prostrate, lung and bowel cancers to rare types of tumour and children’s cancers.

Cancer Research UK is committed to developing the next generation of high calibre cancer researchers. The primary aim of the organisation is to provide scientists and cancer doctors with the funding, environment and support they need to find effective treatments and cures for this disease.

The organisation works together with the Government and monitors the NHS reforms to ensure that their policies tackle the major risk factors for cancer including obesity, alcohol, diet and sun awareness. 

Developing a research career

Cancer Research UK has an ambitious set of goals for beating cancer and one of these is to continue to encourage and provide everything necessary for the next generation of researchers to further the fight against cancer. Towards this end, they offer several different grants aimed at supporting young researchers, right from the early stages of their research careers right through to becoming an experienced researcher.

Undergraduate opportunities

While Cancer Research UK does not generally fund students studying for their undergraduate degree, there are opportunities available for undergraduate students to become involved in research projects at the CRUK London Research Institute and the CRUK Beatson Institute for Cancer Research. Both of these institutes offer short research projects of up to 12 weeks during the penultimate year of study.

The Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council offers 10-week Research Experience Placements, for which students are given a small stipend to carry out research in an area detailed in their strategic plan for the year.

Graduate opportunities

Cancer Research UK funds graduate medical students to undertake research PhDs through their numerous Institutes and Cancer Centres in the UK. All of CRUK’s Institutes are recognised world-wide as centres of excellence in cancer research. Institutes are affiliated to a University, from which you receive your degree. Several of the Institutes advertise competitive studentships and fellowships once a year.

PhD studentships are funded for 4 years, and receive a liberal stipend as well as research expenses. The training programmes are designed to allow the brightest graduates time to develop their research interests in a supportive environment.

Postdoctoral research

The majority of researchers employed Cancer Research UK laboratories and Institutes are postdoctoral researchers and CRUK supports them in every way they can. Project funding is available to postdoctoral researchers who have already secured a position in a research institute or university.

If you have a strong track record of research and are aiming to become a leader in your field, then CRUK’s funding schemes and career opportunities can help you achieve your goals. The institute welcomes applications from anyone whose research is relevant to understanding, preventing, diagnosing or treating cancer.