Getting Involved In Red Cross Programs

March 14, 2014

National Red Cross Associations invite undergraduates and graduate students from all over the world to join the organization’s internship programs. Joining a program will introduce you to diverse cultures around the world. It will also give you life experiences you would otherwise never have had the chance to go through.

You can either apply for a full-time job with the Red Cross or join the short-term Red Cross Programs. Whichever you choose to be a part of that, working with the Red Cross will involve travelling around the world, working in refugee camps or places that have been devastated by natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. You will gain exposure and experience that you can never get at any school campus

Physicians assistant internship in Africa Summer Internship Programs

This is a short program to fill your summer breaks and takes only 10 weeks to complete. It can be a paid or unpaid internship at the Red Cross chapter near you or at a different location. There are hundreds of Red Cross agencies and units in almost every country across the globe and you can choose any one of the agencies.

All first-time Red Cross interns start off with an introduction that will give you a firsthand look of what it’s like to work with this global organisation. This introduction gives you a better understanding of how the Red Cross works at the national and international level.

International Programs

Red Cross Crescent partners across the globe promote safe and healthy lives for people in developing countries. You can be a part of an international program that will let you travel across borders to to nations and regions that need assistance  

You will be exposed to disasters both man-made and natural that will hone your skills in your medical field. You will become familiar with sanitation, water and community-based healthcare programs that Red Cross implement around the world. As part of the international programme you may be sent anywhere in the world overnight to respond to emergencies.

Development Programs

The Red Cross strives to help people in developing countries build safe, healthy and productive communities. As an intern or volunteer, you can help the Red Cross and countless people build or rebuild their lives and families.

Development programs encompass about two thirds of the total programs of the Red Cross. It is aimed at improving lives of men, women and children struggling to rebuild lives after escaping from war torn places and devastated communities from natural disasters.

Emergency Relief Programs

The International Red Cross is a leader in emergency response around the world. It has satellite societies in major cities around the world and in major disaster prone countries that constantly need assistance. The Red Cross provides food and source of clean drinking water when disasters and shortage strike.

Emergency shelter is also a major provision that the Red Cross provide in time of calamities. The organization will immediately send out shelter materials, specialists, and experts who can set up camps and tents after people lose their homes due to earthquakes, floods and other disasters.

As a medical intern, you will work closely with Red Cross units assigned to provide medical care, nutrition, and emergency healthcare to injured people. In some parts of the world such as Sudan and other African nations, this need is not spurred by natural disasters but a constant threat from political and economic strife.