Make A Lasting Change With CARE

March 20, 2014

CARE is a humanitarian organisation whose goal is to fight poverty and provide basic health care to the poor around the world. The organisation works alongside women in communities with the belief that women are in a great position to alleviate poverty and improve sanitation and health within their family unit and community. CARE works in the poorest communities in developing countries worldwide.

Assisting patients on the ward How CARE makes a lasting change

CARE is a community-based movement that aims to develop and improve education, nutrition sanitation and economic opportunity in poor communities. CARE provides clean drinking water, relief aid, food and medical care in disaster stricken areas and war zones.  It also aims to stop gender-based violence and the destruction of natural resources.

The organisation facilitates lasting change in communities around the world by strengthening that communities’ capacity to help itself by providing economic opportunities, and by delivering emergency relief goods where they are needed most. CARE also fights discrimination and faulty policies. It strives to influence policymakers to alleviate poverty and improve healthcare.

Focus areas of CARE

The organisation maintains their presence in at least 84 countries with its headquarters stationed in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. They have field offices in 9 cities across the country. The organisation has implemented programs to alleviate poverty in all the regions they work in. The group’s main focus is to provide humanitarian aid and emergency aid to the poorest communities in the world.

Where the funds come from

Private citizens and numerous corporations, foundations and other humanitarian organisations across the world support CARE with commodities and monetary contributions. Governments, the United Nations and the European Union also offer much-needed assistance. Aside from funds, CARE also gets non-monetary help through volunteers who contribute their knowledge and efforts for the cause to alleviate poverty.

CARE advocacies around the world

Fighting Hunger

The fight to alleviate hunger worldwide includes fighting devastation caused by natural disasters and political conflict. Sometimes epidemics and widespread illness can cause hunger and poverty as well. CARE makes sure that people caught in the middle of crisis and strife receive the food and nutrition they need to survive.

Improving Health

The opportunity to be in good health is a basic human right. CARE provides clean drinking water, food, and healthcare to those who are already stricken with diseases such as HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening ailments. Family planning and maternity services are also facilitated by CARE to improve survival and quality of life.

Educating Poor Communities

CARE provides education to over 57 million children who consist mostly of girls. For some poor communities, getting and education could mean living a healthier and better life as adults. Communities are educated about the negative effects of early marriage, poor education and child labour. The organisation fights these factors that create barriers to better education.

Creating change for lasting humanitarian aid

CARE helps to create leaders, mostly women, in poor countries. These women are the cornerstones of better and healthier communities. The organisation offers training to develop skills and entrepreneurial abilities that can improve the lives of many women and children. CARE is able to sustain its mission through the help of medical and nutritional professionals, social workers and volunteers who are committed to the organisation’s mission and its goals.