Shadowing a Doctor

March 26, 2014

The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) is a non-profit organisation that is comprised of partners in 25 countries. The main aim of the organisation is to develop an effective vaccine against AIDS and towards this end they continuously invest in research, tools and designs for new and more effective ways to prevent HIV infections.

Outside Iringa Regional Hospital in Tanzania IAVI relies on donations from private citizens, governments and corporations to continue its mission not just to create an HIV vaccine but also to make it more easily available to even the most remote corners of the world. The IAVI has collaborated with more than a hundred academic, government and industry organisations worldwide in their fight against this disease. The main aim of this collaborative effort is to neutralise all HIV variants and to advocate the rights of HIV/AIDS patients to better healthcare and preventive care.

IAVI and its partners worldwide have established research centres that conduct epidemiology and observational studies that will helps the development of an effective and safe AIDS vaccine. They have already conducted numerous research studies and have conducted clinical trials on voluntary candidates in the UK, Switzerland, South Africa, Belgium, Germany, India, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, and the United States.

Policy Analysis & Social Research

IAVI researchers and other experts also studies policies in relation to HIV/AIDS, vaccine research and development. They study the potential side effects of the AIDS vaccine in developing countries and monitor trends in the HIV/AIDS prevention research funding.

For its social science research, the IAVI studies the social impact and effects of the organisations development of the AIDS vaccine. These studies include understanding the barriers and opportunities for HIV/AIDS prevention research in a few countries, especially India and Kenya where it is more widespread.

IAVI and its pool of talented individuals

IAVI is committed to develop an effective AIDS vaccine but in doing so needs all the help it can get from a diverse group of governmental as well as non-governmental organisations from around the world. They also need volunteers and talented and skilled medical professionals to work with them so they can achieve their goals.

IAVI also hires qualified people in areas such as research assistants, science writers, analytical scientists, biochemists, vaccine development directors, laboratory managers and other related science and medical experts. The environment at IAVI centres around the world is fast-paced, productive and intellectually stimulating.

IAVI and its fight to prevent a full-blown pandemic

The IAVI’s main objective is to end the AIDS epidemic by finding a vaccine to stop the spread and continuity of this deadly virus. There are many obstacles in fighting this dreaded disease aside from finding a truly effective cure and vaccine. There are social issues and economic constraints that hinder research for a better cure and preventive measures against AIDS. The organisation continues to overcome these barriers to achieve its goals.