Access to Nursing and Midwifery

April 24, 2014

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Access to Nursing and Midwifery

Obstetrics and gynecology in Chiang Mai The Access to Nursing and Midwifery course is a one-year intensive programme designed to prepare students for a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing or midwifery. The course is meant for students above 19 years of age who are planning a career in midwifery but who do not have the mandatory qualifications or experience that are necessary to progress directly to higher education.

The course covers a range of subjects so that students are thoroughly prepared for higher education. The modules that you will study include English, Maths, Health Sciences, Nursing Studies, Professional Studies and Social Sciences.

Each module comprises several units of study that are created to give you relevant and sound academic knowledge to facilitate your learning at university. The units are also designed to hone your analytical, research and organisational skills.

Eligibility Criteria

With effect from September 2014 all students applying via the Access to HE route will need to have GCSE’s in English and Maths at C grade or above. You will also be required to go through a Criminal Records Bureau check.

If you have achieved what is required, you will have to complete a written assessment that will cover comprehension and essay writing. Pass this assessment and you will be invited for an interview, where the interviewers will explore your interest in and aptitude for midwifery and other related topical issues. The interview will be the deciding factor as to whether you are offered a place on the course or not.

Course Curriculum & Assessment

On completion of the Access course, the qualification you will receive is the Access to Higher Education (Nursing or Midwifery) Diploma. To achieve this, you must attain a total of 60 credits. 45 of these have to be from level 3 units and the remaining 15 from level 2 units. Each unit is worth 3 credits and has assessment criteria that have to be met through a variety of assessment methods ranging from discussions, assignments, oral presentations and practical work to group work, class work and timed exams. Your progress is also assessed in terms of your punctuality, attendance and your ability to hand in your work on time.

However, the work placement unit is worth 6 credits and you will be required to work for 60 hours over a two week period in any health care setting, which could be a hospital, GP’s surgery or a care home.

What You Can Do After An Access Course

Completion of an Access course can lead to higher education in nursing, midwifery or health related studies or employment in the health or care sectors.

With an Access to Higher Education Diploma, you will be able to apply to do a degree programme at university in midwifery, paramedic science and all branches of nursing and public health.

Access to midwifery and nursing courses is highly sought after and early application is advisable if you are keen on taking this route into midwifery or nursing.