Why Volunteer Overseas?

May 1, 2014

Why Volunteer Overseas?

Program Manager Mdoe with students in Iringa Volunteer nursing overseas offers a wealth of unique personal and professional benefits. In addition to the sense of adventure that comes with travelling to other countries and the thrill and excitement of discovering new cultures, cuisines and experiences, volunteer nursing overseas also heightens your sense of compassion and empathy and enhances your self-worth and clinical skills. Not only do all of these add up to an overwhelming sense of satisfaction but they can also give your nursing career a tremendous boost. 

Many aspiring student nurses today have realised the multiple benefits of volunteering overseas and are choosing to make that trip to a developing country before taking up a more conventional healthcare job in their home country. Experienced nurses are also choosing to take a break from their job and volunteer their services.

When you volunteer overseas, you sharpen your skills as you get exposed to diverse clinical experiences and meet new challenges in different parts of the world. When you get back home and are looking for a job you will find that your overseas experience gives you the competitive edge over the others applying for the same job opportunity. Several surveys have shown that employers across all fields prefer candidates who have volunteering experience over those who don’t. Last but certainly not least, you cannot ignore the travel and cultural perks that come with volunteering overseas.

International volunteer opportunities benefit not only the nurses who volunteer, but also all of the communities and individuals they touch.

The number of people across the world who lack access to basic healthcare services is staggering. One survey put this number at over 1.3 billion. While reasons for these shocking statistics range from overpopulation, and lack of clean running water to lack of economic stability, one of the main reasons is that the number of healthcare workers is just not enough to accommodate the healthcare demands of the increasing growing population.

According to World Health Report, the only way to address the need for better global healthcare is by ensuring that we have the right people with the right skills doing the right things in the right place.  

Nurses who volunteer their time, skills and expertise to the cause contribute a lot towards softening the blow of insufficient medical care in developing and impoverished countries. As a volunteer nurse, you can make a significant impact on worldwide healthcare by promoting basic medical care and equipping local nurses in developing countries with the knowledge and tools to prevent disease more effectively. Volunteering your time, energy and expertise to help in places where the need is dire can fill you with an incredible sense of accomplishment. Many of these communities do not have any medical facilities and villagers must walk for miles just to see a doctor. Seeing the direct results of your actions in such regions can often be a reward in itself.

With several global healthcare organisations looking for nurse volunteers, this is the ideal time to reap the benefits of becoming an overseas volunteer as a way to enriching yourself personally as well as professionally.