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May 7, 2014

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Having transferable skills can be a great asset to any professional. These are general skills that do not apply to any one profession but instead can be used across several roles. Very often, transferable skills are not listed in your job duties but they are something that any employer would be looking for.

If you are planning a career as an OB/GYN, medical knowledge is only a part of the requirements. In addition to your academic proficiency, as an OB/GYN you also need to have certain transferable skills such as managerial and leadership skills.

Your role as an OB/GYN

As an OB/GYN, it is important to understand the job demands beyond just the medical knowledge that is needed. OB/GYNs work in a wide range of clinic settings including private practice. The job can get very hectic with extremely unpredictable hours as very often, no amount of planning can predict exactly what time a baby will arrive. More often than not, babies won’t arrive on schedule and you could find yourself being called upon in the middle of the night. This, together with various pregnancy related emergencies, can make for a stressful balance between professional and private life. To be successful as an OB/GYN, you need to be passionate about women’s health and an advocate for women’s health care issues.

Medical skill requirements

Taking up this specialisation goes way beyond simple delivery processes and treatment. You should be able to look at a condition and manage a quick analysis of all the certain possibilities. It is necessary to stay up-to-date with all the new medical discoveries and various diseases which affect women.

You should also be good at administering medicines and injections. Taking utmost care of your patient is always a priority and it is necessary to do so in a way which will make them feel good. Creating new treatment plans and lifestyle plans are also a part of the process.

Transferable skill requirements

Simply being good in a medical field is not enough. In order to become a great OB/GYN, there are a number of other skills which are necessary.

An OB/GYN needs to be reliable, responsible and patient and a good communicator too. Your patient needs to know that they can depend on you and that you will be there when they need you. Your communication skills come into play when you have to explain health advice to your patients.

Good problem solving skills and the ability to see a task through with good follow-through are other transferable skills that you will need in this profession in addition to good time management skills, for yourself and your staff. Since your schedule can keep changing throughout the day, it is crucial that you are flexible and actually enjoy the challenge of a fast paced work environment.

Good leadership skills are also extremely important since an OB/GYN has to run a whole team of nurses and assistants during operations and you should know how to lead them with a focused and calm mind in stressful situations. Being a good negotiator is also an added bonus since it will give you an edge over the other departments.


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