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June 5, 2014

Explore A Career As A Chiropractor – Job Description & Job Opportunities

Waiting for ward rounds to begin! Chiropractors are skilled in manipulating joints, soft tissue and bones to help alleviate existing pain or prevent injuries from recurring. If you prefer to help clients relieve pain without using drugs or resorting to surgery, you should consider a career as a chiropractor.

Good problem solving skills along with a genuine interest in the health and wellbeing of your clients are the basic requirements for this profession.

Job Description

As a chiropractor, your main tools for treatment are your hands. You would use your hands rather than medication or surgery to treat disorders of joints, bones and muscles. While there are several techniques that chiropractors use depending on the treatment required, the main focus is on manipulation of the spine.

The clients who come to you for consultation and treatment may be experiencing discomfort or pain as a result of an accident, illness, stress or lack of exercise.

The most common problems you would treat include:

– Back, neck and shoulder pain

– Sciatica and leg pain

– Joint and muscle pain brought on by poor posture

– Sports injuries and associated problems

– Migraine or asthma

– Babies with colic

The first session with a new client will usually be spent trying to establish whether or not the treatment is suitable for their condition. If you decide to go ahead, the next steps of action would be:

– Discussing their symptoms in detail

– Identifying any existing health problems, whether related or unrelated to the symptoms that present

– Carrying out a thorough examination, which may include getting x-rays or blood tests

– Taking into account any previous diagnoses made by medical practitioners

– Designing a treatment programme to meet the lifestyle and individual needs of the patient

As part of the treatment, you may also give clients advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to support their recovery.

Work Opportunities as a Chiropractor

Most chiropractors work as self-employed practitioners, setting up their practice either from home or a private clinic. Other options are to work with other practitioners in a group practice, in a health clinic offering a wide range of therapies or provide services through the NHS.

Building a good reputation is the key to being successful and building your client base. Networking with other chiropractors and complementary therapists, such as acupuncturists and osteopaths can help you build your client list and may also give you the opportunity to work as a locum or at several different clinics to treat clients.

You could also choose to specialise in neurology, sports medicine, rehabilitation or research or take up a career in education.

General Chiropractic Council registration and qualifications are recognised in most countries around the world, which would allow you to explore opportunities and work overseas as well.