Shadowing a Doctor

June 17, 2014

Gaining Admission To Medical School Is Competitive – Why Is This The Case?

Medical schools receive among the largest number of applications for admission every year and all students who apply are high achievers, both academically as well as non-academically. So why is it that top students from all over the world choose to study medicine when there are so many other equally challenging professions to choose from? There is no one simple answer to this question. It is a combination of factors that drives most students to choose this career. Here are just some of the factors that may help you understand the reasons why a career in healthcare is so popular. 

Being A Doctor Is A Respected Profession And Always Will Be

This is one profession that has always been and will always be considered the most noble of all professions. You get to save lives. What can be more precious than that? Unlike several other career trends and fads that come and go in the blink of an eye, being a doctor will never go out of ‘fashion’. Although robots may be used to help doctors in some types of surgeries, doctors themselves are not likely to be replaced by robots anytime in the near future.

Diverse Specialities Mean There’s Something For Everyone

With innumerable specialties and sub-specialities within medicine, doctors can choose a specialty that is best suited to their aptitude and skills. They do not have to settle for second best. Whether it is long hours of surgery or fixed consultation hours, a doctor can choose to deal with certain kinds of people and even choose to become a travelling doctor and explore the world while healing people.

Working With Other Talented Professionals Can be Stimulating

Since it is so difficult to get into the profession, most of the people who become doctors are very talented in their various fields. Working in this profession gives you access to other talented healthcare professionals and you can interact with them and learn from them. You know you’ll never run the risk of having a dull conversation. 

The Everyday Challenges Keep You Alert

Being a doctor will definitely never be dull. You are faced with numerous challenges every day and you always have the choice to change your field or your line of work if you ever start to get bored. Your brain is continuously tested and you have to be up to speed with the rest of the world in order to keep up with technology. This in itself can be hugely invigorating.

A Possibility of Free Education

Since the medical field is considered to be so important, there are a number of scholarships that are given to encourage those who cannot afford the education. Doctors are always in high demand and certain potential employers sometimes agree to pay for medical school tuition as long as the person agrees to work with them after completion of the course. In certain cases, the government also waives tuition fee for those who sign bonds to work in the defence sector or in underdeveloped areas of the country for a certain number of years after they graduate. This means that you will be debt free after getting a great education.

Job Opportunities A Plenty

There is always a demand for doctors. Even with economic problems, doctors will still have a number of job opportunities since this field is necessary in any kind of environment. This means that you can be pretty sure that you will be able to have job security as long as you work hard and do well.

Student assisting one of the dentists during an exam, Tanzania. Excellent Salaries Irrespective Of Prevailing Economic Factors

Not everyone chooses this profession for the salary but the fact is that doctors take home a considerably high pay packet. Since this skill is difficult to acquire, the entire profession is a highly paying one. Whether it is in hospitals, private practices, research facilities or home-run clinics, doctors are at the liberty to charge whatever fees they think is justified for the services they offer.