Shadowing a Doctor

July 1, 2014

The competition for getting into dental school is high and getting your application approved is not easy. Usually students apply to a number of dental schools, hoping that they will get into at least one of the schools. But everyone always has a personal preference as to which school they would want to go to. This preference may be because that particular school is less expensive as compared to the others, because you already know people who attend that school or simply because it is in a location which is convenient for you.

Whatever the reason, if you have a preference for a particular dental school, you need to put in that little extra effort to improve your chances of getting your application approved.

Gap Medics students ready for surgery! How to Make Your Application Stand Out

Every application to dental school will always have certain basic details and necessary information. You need to go beyond this information in order to give your application an edge over the others.

First of all, do your research about the school which you are applying to. What kind of students are they looking for? What values do they give importance to? If you possess any of these values, mention incidents to show the school that you have what they are looking for.

Give due thought to who should request for those vital letters of recommendation.

If you have done any volunteering work or you have participated in any dentistry placement or spent time shadowing a dental practitioner, make sure you highlight these experiences in your personal statement.

After you finish writing your application, give it to someone else to read. Get it checked by a parent or a teacher or someone who will give you constructive feedback. Check and re-check that your spelling and grammar are faultless. You do not want one little mistake to get your application rejected.

Send Your Application In Early

A lot of applicants simply ignore the deadline date in the mistaken idea that the school will accept their application even if it is submitted a few days late. The truth is, your timing does make a huge difference. If you send in your application after the deadline, chances are it won’t be accepted by the dental school. Even before the deadline, it is necessary to realise that a lot of schools receive thousands of applications every year. Sometimes, they cannot go through every application so they do not process the last few applications at all if the seats are already filled up. Sending your application in well in advance could give you an advantage over the others who are lagging in their submission.

Send Your Application To Several Dental Schools

You may have your heart set on one particular dental school but what happens if your application to that school is not approved? There are no guarantees. The best thing that you can do is shortlist the top 5 best dental schools that you would like to attend so if any one of them does not come through, you at least have other good options to choose from.