Why dentistry?

December 18, 2014

‘Why Dentistry’ is one of the most challenging questions you will have to answer at your dental school interview. It is also a question that you will almost certainly be asked so no matter how frightened you are at the thought of the question, it’s time to get down to get down to business and figure out how you are going to answer it.

A few thoughts and tips that can help you prepare to give a compelling reply to this question:

  • Think back to when and why you made the decision to pursue a career in dentistry. Reflect on what triggered off your passion of dentistry – it could be the creative combination of design and science or the practical nature of the specialty.
  • Whatever reason you decide to give, it is most important that it should be compelling enough to convince your interviewers about your genuine passion for this career. 
  • Never ever say that your main reason for wanting to be a dentist is because you heard there is a lot of money in this line of work.

Here are some other questions you can expect to be asked at your dental school interview and a few tips and thoughts on how to answer them.

Observing a dental procedure in Kilimanjaro Why Did You Choose Dentistry And Not Medicine?

This is another question that is commonly asked at dental school interviews and it is just as difficult to answer as the ‘why dentistry’ question. Vague, generic replies won’t earn you any points with the interviewers. Before the interview day, spend time brainstorming about your drive for choosing one over the other. Pick a reason that is unique to you and think about what you can say to demonstrate your interest in dentistry over medicine.

Have You Done Anything To Investigate Dentistry?

Sometimes, you may be interested in the idea of something without really knowing the intricacies of what is involved. You may have very altruistic reasons for wanting to become a dentist with visions of going out and offering your services to helping people in third world countries. But do you know what it’s like there? Will really be able to handle that kind of work? Do you know what life as a dentist really is like? These are things the interviewers want to know. They want to know that you have taken the trouble to explore this career and you still want to go ahead even after seeing its not-so-good side. In talking about what you did to investigate dentistry, try and link it back to how it reinforced your decision to do dentistry.

General Tips For Answering All Interview Questions

  • Be clear about what you are saying – don’t contradict yourself
  • Keep your answers short and to the point
  • Be honest – you will get caught out in a lie
  • Be enthusiastic and excited
  • Use examples
  • Be respectful to the interviewers and to the profession in general

Keeping these few tips in mind will help you give compelling answers to some of the more commonly asked questions at dental school interviews.