Shadowing a Doctor

January 7, 2015

Spend some time shadowing professionals in Radiology Healthcare information is a great field to explore if you are an IT professional who is interested in working in the healthcare area. Healthcare Information management involves handling and organising all the medical data in a physician’s clinic or in a larger hospital or healthcare organization. This includes keeping the records of all the patients up to date and also keeping records of all the staff in that facility as well as the insurance companies that the facility works with. The amount of work involved would depend on the size of the clinic or the hospital.

What The Job Involves

As a healthcare management professional you would be responsible for:

  • Maintaining electronic as well as hard copies of all patient files
  • Making sure all paper copies are scanned and preserved in an electronic format
  • Ensuring that the insurance and billing information for every patient is done accurately
  • In case any patient’s information is insufficient, making sure the patient is contacted and getting the necessary information
  • Ensuring that all patients receive copies of their files
  • Ensuring that patient files are made accessible to doctors and other authorised healthcare professionals
  • Putting precautions in place to ensure that no unauthorised person gets access to patient information
  • Ensuring the software system is working at all times and in the event there is a problem, working with the hospital IT staff to get it up and running as soon as possible

The Two Branches Of Healthcare Information Management

There are two branches that you could explore in this specialty:

– Healthcare Information Technology – Healthcare Information Technology deals mainly with the storage of information. Maintenance of the IT systems would be your primary responsibility.  You would need to be either a database manager or a computer programmer to consider a career in this branch. Part of your job would involve ensuring that the current databases work well and also creating new ones as and when needed. One of the best perks of this role is that you need not be on the premises at all times but can work at a site away from the facility.

– Health Informatics – As a professional working in health informatics you would be responsible for managing all the information in a clinic or hospital. This would involve managing how the information is recorded, where it is stored, how it is used and when it needs to be transmitted. As part of your job you would be required to seek out new technologies as well as new data management methods that are more efficient and see how to adapt them and put them to use in the healthcare setting.

Who Is Best Suited To This Specialty

A career in healthcare management is ideal for anyone who loves working with information technology and is also interested in the healthcare field but would prefer a behind-the-scenes role that does not involve interacting directly with patients.