Shadowing a Doctor

February 5, 2015

One of our students posing with the nursing staff in Chiang Mai There is a huge demand for qualified Nurse Managers not just in hospitals but also across all types of medical facilities and this trend is projected to continue for several years to come. The position does require advanced training and knowledge but considering the benefits it is well worth aiming for. While you can apply for a nurse manager position only after you’ve had some nursing experience, it is never too early to start brushing up on these few essential skills.  

Computer Skills

In hospitals across the country, most of the paperwork and record-keeping has been computerised. In order to adapt to this new system, it is vital for nurse managers to have good computer skills. In this position, you will be expected to know how to enter patient data, read patient files on the systems and manage all kind of hospital related software. A good understanding of the entire computer system at your place of work is necessary to keep a check on the records and also to correct any problem that may occur.

Business and Management Skills

A hospital is often run like a business enterprise and as an employee in a management position, you need to be able to make sound business decisions with regards to patient treatment as well as managing other hospital personnel and managing supplies at the hospital. A good nurse manager is one who has a good grasp of how these decisions impact the patients and staff.

Leadership Abilities

Nurse managers have to lead different teams of nurses at most facilities. They also act as the link between the nursing staff and the management level. This means that they need to be used to getting orders from their superiors and communicating these orders to the nursing staff. As a nurse manager you will have to get used to different leadership styles as you will be working with different kinds of people throughout your careers. You should be flexible enough to change your style of leadership based on the situation that you are faced with.

Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills are a must-have to succeed in this position. As a nurse manager, you will need to communicate not just with other nurses and employees but also with patients and their families. Part of your responsibilities will include offering support to nurses who have just witnessed a death or a tragedy whilst on the job, making sure that everything moves along efficiently so every patient receives timely care and offering comfort and support to patients’ families. All of these tasks require you to have excellent communication skills.

Financial Knowledge

As a nurse manager, you would be expected to understand how to manage revenue and expenses in the workplace. This means that you should have at least working knowledge of basic financial aspects such as billing, budgets, cash flow recording, financial planning, financial forecasting and performance ratios.